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Rotatrim M42 Professional Trimmer

  • Rotatrim M42 Professional Trimmer

• Finest quality self-sharpening, absolute precision, steel blades

• Twin chrome steel guide rails completely eliminate head swivel

• All metal end frames and head

• Aluminium side rule

• Solid laminate gridded baseboard

• Translucent clampstrip for accurate work placement

• Trims the thinnest material with ease

• No material thickness adjustment required

• Cuts most materials from tissue paper to mount board

• Flexible 2-way cut on M12-M18 with user option on M20-M54 models

• Completely safe and easy to use by students of all ages

• Special offer to receive free of charge maintenance pack

M42. Cut length: 1068mm

Lead time

Delivery expected within 7 - 10 days

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