TTS Water World Set - WAS £141.04

Children will love playing with these open-ended water channels. This wonderfully versatile resource enables children to decide on the layout and configuration. The plastic towers can be arranged at different heights. Use with water, balls, cars etc. See the liquid whoosh along the channelling. One section has pre-drilled holes to create a waterfall effect. The children can collect the falling water with buckets and containers (not included). The children become more mini architects, engineers and scientists as they experiment and explore the different challenges. The channels are easily dismantled for storage (or simply to make smaller lengths). This is an engaging, versatile, robust resource and is compatible with numerous other resources e.g. Active World trays, water trays, buckets, funnels etc. It can be independent play or part of a more structured task. It will provide hours of learning and hours of fun. Set includes: 14 x stacking tower pieces, 16 x connectible solid channel pieces, 4 x connectible waterfall channel pieces and 6 bases. Made from plastic with metal bases. - WAS £141.04

3 years +