Giant Square Wooden Pyramid - WAS £66.90

Two new super sized stacking resources compliment the original Giant Wooden Circular Pyramid.
Each shape is beautifully crafted, with smoothed curved edges in a square or triangular shape.
The wood is finished to a high standard with beeswax and linseed oil, so they smell as well as look good.
Children love playing with the shapes in a variety of ways.
They're great for curious, investigative toddlers who love to thread the shapes on the central pole.
They really appeal to children with specific schema interests.
Some will line the shapes up whilst others will build with them, transport them etc.
The shapes are substantial with a real weight to them.
A fabulous, quality resource with endless appeal.
Made from Ash and Birch wood.
Must be stored indoors.
Size: H40cm.
For ages 10mths+.