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Start-Bee Handwriting Booster Kit for ages 3-12. Handwriting Intervention Programme.

The Ultimate Handwriting Booster Resources Kit and Programmes to ensure ALL pupils master the very basic mechanics of handwriting and includes beginners handwriting "Remapping" pattern exercises, lowercase, uppercase letter formation and the all joined-up programmes. To deliver the Start-Bee Handwriting Booster Breakaway lessons to up to 5 children, every 30 minutes of the school day and more (free flow, one-to-one or breakaway group lessons). Includes one year subscription to all the Start-Bee programmes, with pre-filmed lessons for EYFS (121 Lessons), KS1 & KS2 (Intervention Programme and Neutral Lessons - 184 Lessons) and full (30 minute lessons with timer). All lessons delivered by Hannah-Jane, the age appropriate peer-to-peer handwriting guide.
This includes:
1 year licence fee
5 x Huion USB Light Box
1 x Sasson Font licence download
5 x Printed Exercises books 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 plus spelling exercises
Plus a range of stationery equipment
Priced at £1230 in the first year, in the second year just pay for the yearly subscription £350 per year

Booster Kit