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Start-Bee Work Station Furniture 15 for Early Years and ages 3-12.

Everything you need to deliver a timetabled Start-Bee Handwriting Lessons to up to 15 children, every 30 minutes of the school day and more. Includes one year subscription to the Start-Bee handwriting programme, with pre-filmed lessons for early years (121 lessons) and ages 3-12 (182 lessons, includes the Handwriting Intervention Programme). All lessons are delivered by Hannah-Jane, the age appropriate peer-to-peer handwriting guide.
This includes:
1 year licence fee
15 x Huion USB Light Box
2 x 10 port USB Hub adapters
1 x Sasson Font licence download
15 x Printed Laminated Exercises of books 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10
Loads of specialist stationery and equipment selected to build fine and gross motor skills for 15 pupils
Priced at £3520 in the first year, in the second year just pay for the yearly subscription £1050 per year

Medium 15