Pritt Original Pack of 200 plus 8 free - WAS £171.99

  • Pritt Original Pack of 200 plus 8 free  - WAS £171.99

This product is a pack of 200, 43g Pritt Glue Sticks which are great for frequent use and used for gluing large areas of paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, cotton or photos.

The Pritt Glue Stick allows smooth and even application with enough time to reposition an object before it fully dries. The airtight cap ensures that the glue stick remains in good condition and fresh over prolonged periods of time. The Pritt Glue Sticks can be used for several years without drying out!

Pritt Glue Sticks are an efficient, child-safe gluing solution for any environment. Pritt Sticks are washable, solvent-free, non-toxic and made from natural ingredients, making the product safe and suitable for children.

When you buy this bulk-pack, we’ll also give you 8 free Pritt Sticks!

Pack of 200 x 43g, plus 8 free Pritt sticks

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