YPO unveils first public sector procurement chatbot
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YPO unveils public sector procurement chatbot

By Fiona Wilkins, Corporate Communications Manager


YPO, the UK’s largest public sector buying organisation, has launched the first chatbot built to help public sector buyers.

The chatbot, Procurement Information Provider, or PIP for short, is an alternative and effective way for users to navigate their way through YPO’s services and discover the frameworks on offer. 

The chatbot demonstrates YPO’s commitment to lead the way in digital transformation in public sector procurement and forms part of an ongoing strategy to continue to improve customer online experience.

Paul Smith, Executive Director at YPO, said: “We’re excited to be leading the way with our digital transformation of procurement services for the public sector. Digital integration has been heavily promoted across the public sector in recent months and YPO is pleased to be at the forefront of this movement. We’re excited for the opportunities to improve many of our services with additions such as PIP.”

PIP is currently in its infancy and can recall information from existing areas of the website, directing users to relevant procurement teams. YPO will continually develop the system’s capabilities as the service is used.

Try YPO’s Procurement Information Provider here.