Temporary workers during COVID-19
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Temporary workers during COVID-19

By Lizzy Grayson, Category Manager - Corporate Services

YPO and other buying organisations have been working closely to bring consistency is temporary recruitment processes during COVID-19.

We have carried out engagement with the sector and government bodies to establish a process that we feel protects the public sector, provides stability in the recruitment market and delivers you a temporary workforce for the future.

You may be aware that the Cabinet Office published a PPN titled ‘Guidance Note on Payments to Suppliers for Contingent Workers Impacted by COVID-19’, please see this document attached.

This guidance must be followed by central government departments and YPO are strongly advising all public sector customers to follow this guidance. This guidance will support your local businesses and workers during these times, YPO have noted that the guidance doesn’t state who will pay the temporary workers the 80%. YPO can now confirm that we have spoken with the relevant governing bodies and the payment of the temporary workers during these times should be funding via the public sector organisation that employ’s the temporary worker. The funds can not be claimed back through the schemes set out by the chancellor.

It should also be noted that temporary workers may be impacted by the Agency Worker Regulations 2010, further guidance should be sought to ensure there is no impact on Agency Worker Regulations.

We appreciate that financially this may not suit all public sector organisations but due to the current climate and the sustainability of this sector in the future, we strongly suggest that you continue to follow this new guidance. This message is the same across all public buying organisations and the decision to suggest this to public sector organisations hasn’t been taken lightly.

Please see attached a letter from YPO stating our views on the guidance along with the PPN that includes some FAQs.

Customer letter COVID-19 update on contingent labour pay in the wider public sector 

Procurement Police Notice - Contingent Workers

YPO suggests that you define an eligible temporary worker as any individual that would still be in post with your organisation if it wasn’t for COVID-19’s impact.

If you are looking to implement the 80% pay for affected COVID-19 temporary workers follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Identify any workers that you class as effected by COVID-19, it will be the contracting authorities responsibility to identify the workers.
  2. Highlight these workers to your MSP provider.
  3. The MSP provider will re-align the workers rate to pay only 80% of the previously agreed pay rate.
  4. The temporary worker will be paid the 80% new rate.

If you are looking to implement more flexible working arrangements for temporary workers such as homeworking etc. then please provide your MSP provider with relevant policies for your organisation and confirm a list of workers that you are happy to follow new flexible working patterns.

Please note that all Managed Service Providers have been made aware of this process and the above communication.

We have done some analysis on the sector over the last few days and we don’t think this new guidance is likely to consistent of high volumes of workers in most contracting authorities. We are seeing that the resource is been moved around proactively within the majority of public sector organisations and generally speaking the numbers affected will be low.

YPO are currently carrying out further daily analysis into the sector to see how COVID-19 is going to affect our supply chains and demands in temporary recruitment.

By the end of the week we will be providing all live YPO customers with a pack in relation to accessing quick resource.

We will do our best to keep you updated on any other changes in the market.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact our team at [email protected]