Now selling environmentally friendly refuse sacks
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Now selling environmentally friendly refuse sacks

By Johnathan Carr, Assistant Category Buyer - Cleaning and Hygiene

Working alongside Cromwell Polythene, we’re happy to announce our new environmentally friendly refuse sacks, made from 95% recycled material.


In today’s current climate, we are constantly reminded of the buzzwords such as 'plastic' and 'recycle'. Therefore, we are proud to have taken a large step forward in drastically reducing the amount of virgin plastic from our refuse sack range. (Virgin plastic is the opposite of recycled plastic. It is plastic that has been newly manufactured and has not been made into a product. Virgin Plastic needs to be made into something for it to then be recycled). Following consultation with our supplier, we have made their current high virgin content sack obsolete. Switching to a sack with 95% recycled content, without compromising on quality.


CHSA Standard:

In line with our recent award of Accredited CHSA (Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association) Distributor Status, it is important to consider quality when planning a change in product. So, what about our CHSA Accredited Distributor Status?


This change of refuse sack comes as we have aligned to meet CHSA performance & guarantee standards. Whereas previously a performance-based specification was a staple of the product, now in addition we boast the CHSA’s “what’s on the box, is in the box” guarantee. Sacks are now audited twice a year, ensuring dimension and thickness are as advertised. All underpinned by the minimum net box weight guarantee and performance rating. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.


Here's the clever part: -

Considering our old (now obsolete) refuse sacks had a high virgin content of approx. 70% - recycled content was a small fraction of the product. With annual sales of nearly 3 million sacks, virgin material usage was close to 53 tonnes!


With the new 95% recycled material, usage of virgin material will be slashed to less than 4 tonnes a year. Saving a staggering 49 tonnes of virgin going directly into our products!


Conservative calculations suggest that for every tonne of recycled material used, 1.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved. So, for the 50 tonnes we predict to save we can expect to save/prevent more than 70 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.


For context, the average car journey in the UK of 30 miles generates 10kg CO2. Therefore, the CO2 savings from our product change is the equivalent of offsetting close to 7,000 car journeys per year, or 20 cars off the road each day.


Maximising performance, minimising resource: -

To summarise, the change in our product retains quality & performance at the forefront but welcomes an improved environmental offering. To emphasise this, the new sacks shall be packaged in white LowCO2t™ cartons, outlining the benefits of the product and underlining the intention to maximise performance using the minimum resource.


Take a closer look at the new environmentally friendly refuse sacks here