LGRP Framework Update
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LGRP Framework Update

By Lucy Simpson, Category Buyer - HR Services

The Local Government Resourcing Partnership (LGRP) is a national HR procurement framework. Local authorities and public organisations including police, fire and rescue, the NHS, charities and housing associations can access the LGRP framework. The framework provides public sector organisations access to HR services including executive, interim, and permanent recruitment, HR consultancy, as well as HR marketing and advertising. 

YPO and the London Borough of Waltham Forest are pleased to confirm that the LGRP framework 845 has been extended for 2 years until 31 October 2021. Recently, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding the framework including pricing. 

During this extension, pricing has been updated to ensure it is consistent across the market. Contracting authorities will now see that the pricing is based on a mark-up rather than a margin being applied. The percentages in the pricing schedules may seem higher, but the final price to the contracting authority remains the same. This ensures that all providers are using the same calculation and a 'mark-up' percentage is being applied.

Below is a selection of our most frequently asked questions, including everything you need to know, from how many providers are on each of the framework lots, to what a further competition is and how to evaluate.

Framework Details:

When does the framework expire with the added extension?
The extension has been taken for 24 months and the expiry date of the framework is now 31 October 2021.

How many providers are on each lot?
Lot 1: Executive & Interim Recruitment
8 providers

Lot 2: Permanent Recruitment
8 providers

Lot 3: HR Consultancy
7 providers

Lot 4: HR Marketing Solutions
3 providers

Is there a charge for the service? Do customers pay a rebate?
There is no charge for the customer to use this framework.

Who is eligible to use the framework?
All public sector organisations can access the framework.

Can new suppliers join the framework?
New suppliers are unable to join the framework due to the tendering process already being completed. Any enquiries can still be sent to [email protected] 

What weighting can be used for quality and price?
The LGRP framework has a weighting of 40% for price and 60% for quality. In your further competition and call-off documents you will be required to detail your percentage split between price and quality.

How does the pricing work for each lot?
Lot 1 is split into two areas, this is executive roles over £70k salary and interim roles. Both areas have a mark up percentage applied by the provider.

Lot 2 is for permanent roles from £30k salary, and the providers add a mark up percentage to the final cost.

Lot 3 is for HR Consultancy which has pricing for a day rate, half day rate and hourly rate.

Lot 4 is for HR Marketing which covers a range of marketing and advertising solutions which is costed per project.

For more information and access to the pricing schedules, please contact [email protected].

Award Details:

Can customers manually complete awards (i.e. off the website)?
Yes, customers do have the ability to complete the templates by downloading them from the LGRP website and sending these by email to the supplier(s). Or alternatively, the customer can use the direct award or further competition function within the website. Customers can contact the team at any time for any assistance.

What is a direct award?
A direct award allows organisations to select a provider on the framework that will provide them with the most advantageous service in relation to quality and price. There is direct award criteria and pricing available for all four lots on the framework. If you wish to carry out a direct award you will need to assess the providers on the lot and understand the pricing structure available.

Once you know which provider you wish to use then you will just need to complete the direct award form. This can either be completed online via lgrp.co.uk or completing the direct award template once requested from YPO.

This form sets out the requirements and timescales involved. This can then be sent to the provider either through the LGRP website or directly from your organisation.

On agreement of the requirements, you will then need to complete the order form, please note that if you use the online form then you don’t need to complete the downloadable order form as well. 

What is a further competition?
A further competition allows organisations to create a set of questions and specific pricing to ask providers on the lot. The further competition would then be distributed to all the providers on the lot. If you wish to carry out a further competition you will need to think about the key questions and specific pricing that you would like to ask the providers. Once you have all information ready, then the further competition template can be requested from YPO and be completed. The template will guide you through the process. Please remember that this is a guidance document and it can be amended to suit your needs. Any documents can be requested from [email protected]

The further competition should be submitted to all providers and the deadline should be consistent for the providers. Once the providers have responded to the deadline, you will then need to evaluate their bids. On agreement of the requirements you will then be required to complete the order form. If any support or assistance is required through the further completion process please contact [email protected]

Do all providers need to bid for all further competitions?
No, providers don’t need to bid for all further competitions.

How do we evaluate further competitions?
The evaluation process for the framework was 60% on quality and 40% on price, we recommend that partners adopt the same approach. The evaluation process can be agreed on an organisation by organisation basis. Once you have evaluated you can contact your chosen provider to set up a meeting to work through the next steps. 

How long do we need to give for providers to respond to further competitions?
There are no exact timescales for further competitions, however, please be mindful that providers need time to carry out a thorough process. A reasonable time is 72 hours.

Do we have to provide feedback to unsuccessful providers?
We recommend that feedback is provided to all unsuccessful providers. The reason for providing feedback is that it helps to support continuous improvement and ensures continued appropriate pricing.

What are appropriate timescales to use for a further competition?
As guidance the providers could be asked to complete the further competition within 72 hours or a timescale that is advised in the organisation’s documents.

If you have any other questions or would like more information please contact [email protected]