It's results week!
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It's results week!

By Lizzy Grayson, Category Manager - Corporate Services

Students exam results

Students all over the country have received their GCSE results this week and many students received their A-level results last week, but what are their options?


Apprenticeships or university?


Apprenticeships should be at the centre of every conversation in schools and colleges across the UK, going to university isn’t for every student no matter what their results.


Over the last year we have seen an increase in the variety of apprenticeships available to our next working generation, they are some incredible opportunities out there to allow our next generation of worker to learn while they work. I think it should be on the agenda to continuously raise the profile of an apprenticeship programme:


What are the benefits of starting your apprenticeship path?


  • 90% of apprentices currently go in to work or further training
  • The majority of apprentices in work felt that their apprenticeship had had a positive impact on their career
  • Earn while you learn
  • Start a career in something you’re passionate about
  • Receive Recognised qualifications


Here at YPO I manage a team of  five people and three of those started at YPO as an apprentice and they are some of the most impressive and productive individuals I have worked with, let’s help create the next generation of professionals.


At YPO, we recruit for apprentices annually, so keep an eye out for opportunities to join the team!