Home to School app supported by Department for Education
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Home to School app supported by DfE

By Fiona Jukes - PR and Communications Manager at YPO

student using home to school app


We’re delighted to announce the Department for Education (DfE) will be actively supporting and raising awareness of our Home to School app.


The app, launched last year by YPO and developed by Vectare, helps parents monitor their children’s journeys on school buses. Featuring alerts and automated messages, the app uses real-time tracking to notify schools and parents of delays, route changes and absences.


The DfE has started sharing information about the app to local authorities across the county, as it believes the tool could help play a useful role in meeting the challenges of school transport in a Covid-19 environment.


There are many benefits of the app to help students, parents, schools and local authorities in achieving value:

  • MI data generated in real time which can be used to drive cost efficiency
  • Track and trace data allowing instant contact tracing in the event of a COVID case being confirmed in a pupil who uses school transport
  • Parental assurance
  • Safeguarding
  • Potential to reduce emissions

There’s also a potential opportunity to reduce costs due to using real time navigation to identify better routes, and easier vehicle capacity planning as the information would be up to date, accurate and relevant.


In June, Vectare announced adaptations to the app to support social distancing measures on school bus services. Read more

To find out more about the Home to School app please visit our framework area of our website.