Energy market update - April

Energy market update - April

By Adam Throup, Category Manager - Energy

Commodity Curves Graph 



  • The curve fell after the Easter holidays as warmer weather moved in, the UK saw record renewable generations (3 straight days without coal).
  • The market turned bullish on the back of tension in the Middle East, wind and solar dropped off and gas picked up the generation slack.



  • Higher temperatures reduced the reliance on gas for electricity generation, bringing the prices down.
  • Low storage levels coming out of winter and a number of unplanned outages all supported pricing.
  • 9 LNG tankers arrived during April due to a decrease in Far Eastern demand.


Underlying Fuels

  • Oil has moved from $69/bbl to $75/bbl, driven by the trade war between China and the US, and security of supply issues following the Syrian Airstrikes and the US stance on the Iranian deal.
  • The £ fell during April off the back of poor economic data and moments of strength from the Euro.



  • Information from EAC Committee in May highlighted funds going into renewable energy. The mainstay of the low-carbon economy fell more than 50% in 2017, having dropped by 10% in 2016, bringing annual investment in the sector to its lowest since the financial crisis in 2008.
  • Britain’s windfarms provided more electricity than its eight nuclear power stations in the first three months of 2018. This marked the first time wind has overtaken nuclear across a quarter. Across the first quarter, wind power produced 18.8% of electricity, second only to gas, said a report by researchers at Imperial College London.


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