Corona a year in...
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Corona a year in...

By Ben Young, Key Account Manager - Corona

It’s been a great first year for the YPO basket. With many successful events carried out and lots of positive numbers to show; it’s evident that the last 12 months have served as the foundation for a growing and lasting relationship between Corona and each and every member of YPO.

We started with the very successful on boarding of nearly seven thousand meters across nearly two hundred customers, managed by the teams here and at YPO. Although things came up to deal with (as they always will!), the cooperation and consideration of you all at the time was the key to ensuring a good transfer.

Here we are a year later; achieving over 98% billing, over 60% of meters using actual reads every month and with nearly 800 of you using our portal on a regular basis.

Our portal is the hub for a wealth of information available to you. Most customers use it for billing information and to check out half hourly data, however there are many other features on there that may (probably definitely!) be of use to you. For example - checking out your current contracted rates and your metering information. Please talk to us at [email protected] for more information on getting registered and for any walkthroughs you might need.

Further to the portal being a constantly available medium for you to get information quickly and raise queries immediately, you have a full team of people available to you at Corona Energy. Dominic Kenna and Lana Wooltorton look after you for everything day to day, Erika Faieta looks after everything credit and statement wise. I’m responsible for making sure you are happy, and that your accounts run as smooth as possible.

Some things to look out for over the next few months  are some ‘end of year’ account statements being sent out to you in the post, which will be packed full of information for you about stuff like the portal and the current billing status of your meters. If we haven’t already booked something out, I’m available to you for visits and contract reviews. So please do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to discuss. I’m also available on Skype!

It’s been a pleasure to work on the basket since its inception, and I am confident in the foundation we have built together that help make gas transfers and billing, generally grievous topics for consumers, as easy as possible for you. Thank you for your help here, and here’s to another three highly successful years.

For more information on the YPO Gas framework, contact [email protected]