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Advisory Notice: YPO Own Brand Ready Mixed Paints

YPO has been made aware of an issue involving preservatives which affects certain batches of Ready Mixed Paint manufactured after March 2014, released by YPO up to July 2014. 

Batches of affected products* were manufactured using a preservative that was out of specification. This has resulted in a reduced shelf life and decay of the products, the symptoms of which include a foul smell and gassing in the bottle. In extreme cases this can misshape the bottle as pressure builds up and paint can sometimes shoot from the bottle once the cap is opened and pressure is released.

The paint is perfectly useable and does not pose a health risk; it will perform and dry as normal. As such, the affected products are not being recalled.

The affected products include YPO standard, metallic, fluorescent and people colours in different sizes: please see product codes listed below. Not all colours and/or batches of paint are included and customers are advised to contact YPO in the first instance if they wish to check whether a particular batch of paint is affected.

YPO advises customers not to return products that exhibit these signs of bloating, but to dispose of any affected bottles. To relieve pressure within the bottle, our supplier recommends carefully opening the bottle over a sink, covered with a bag.  Customers may contact YPO for a replacement or credit for faulty items; please quote the batch number on the bottle wherever possible. 

In the meantime, we are continuing to liaise with our suppliers to ensure this issue does not occur again.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you require further advice or have any queries in relation to this matter, please contact YPO on 01924 834 834.

*This issue could affect some batches of the following product codes: 713031, 713058, 713066, 713082, 713074, 713090, 713104, 713112, 713120, 732834, 736961, 736953, 736988, 736996, 737003, 737011, 737038, 737046, 737054, 737062, 737070, 737267, 737275, 737283, 737291, 737305, 737313, 737356, 737364, 737372, 749818, 756679, 73277X, 73697X, 73702X, 71304X and 77068X. 

YPO Own Brand Ready Mixed Paints