Webinar: Motor insurance sector

Webinar: Motor insurance sector

Date: Thusrday 22 October

Time: 10:30am

Webinar: Motor insurance sector - new trends and new emerging risks in motor industry hosted by YPO and AON



The current motor industry has faced some real transformation in order to remain committed to the climate change agenda. The latest trends and changes have been implemented on a number of levels, the governments new national infrastructure strategy heavily focuses on electric vehicles and charging points as well as a move towards introducing walking and cycling routes in a bid to boost health related infrastructure.

Local governments are also planning towards greener societies and with it greener fleet. Although planning is not just at the forefront, we have seen new changes already being implemented across the sector.

This includes amends in manufacturing in order to ensure a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient process and a transition to net-zero carbon transport to eliminate CO2 emissions.

However every change comes with a new risk and this webinar session is designed to provide an overview of the current trends in the motor industry and what risks you need to take into consideration before renewing your motor fleet.


Guest speakers: Philip Morton and Gary Peart


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