Managing Consultancy and Professional Services London

Consultancy and Professional Services - London

LocationLondon Councils, 59½ Southwark Street, London, E1 0AL

Date: Tuesday 27 February 2020


We would like to invite you to our launch event for our recently launched framework, Managing Consultancy and Professional Services.

YPO along with the awarded provider Consultancy+ will be providing you with an overview of the new framework and how it can support you in managing your consultancy and professional service spend.

The areas that we will be discussing are:

- Overview of the new framework including features and benefits

- How to use the framework and associated documentation and process

- Introduction to Consultancy+ and the solution

- Overview of the technology solution

- How Consultancy+ can work with you and the benefits they offer


You can view the full details of the day's agenda or register your attendance at Managing Consultancy and Professional Services.