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  • Emergency Services Show 2015

    Highlights of the Emergency Services Show 2015

    01 October 2015 By Sarah Sesum, Buyer - Emergency Services & Blue Light

    Last week we exhibited at the ninth Emergency Services Show at the NEC Birmingham. If you didn't get chance to attend, here’s a few highlights on what took place.

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  • Easy steps to do your bit and help combat climate change

    Is the government reneging on climate change?

    02 September 2015 By Fergus Parish, Buyer - Energy

    In July's first Conservative budget since 1996, the removal of the Climate Change Levy (CCL) exemption for renewable electricity was perhaps the most controversial and unexpected announcement within the energy sector.

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  • UK Public Purse

    Delivering "more for less"

    01 September 2015 By Simon Hill, Managing Director

    In advance of the 2015 Spending Review, public sectors workers have an opportunity to tell central government how improved public services can be delivered with less money.

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  • Water Fight

    The (water) fight for your custom is coming...

    27 July 2015 By Beverley Upcraft, Category Business Partner - Energy

    With new legislation set to shake up how businesses and organisations procure their water supply from April 2017, we look at the benefits and implications for the public sector.

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  • Questions on Blackboard

    What's next for education under a new government?

    19 May 2015 By Paul Smith, Executive Director

    As the dust settles after the General Election and David Cameron’s new cabinet is appointed, we take a look at what the next five years may bring for the education system under a Conservative Government.

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  • EU Flag

    The role of central purchasing bodies in Europe

    14 May 2015 By Paul Smith, Executive Director

    Last week our Executive Director, Paul Smith, headed to Brussels at the request of the European Commission to join a brainstorming session on the role of central purchasing bodies in Europe.

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  • Procurement Management

    Six aims you should have for procurement success

    13 May 2015 By Chris Dale, Contracts Manager - North Yorkshire Procurement Service

    A successful procurement process will save you time, money and reduce risk. If you are not familiar with the process, here are some practical steps to ensure your procurement projects remain on target.

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  • YPO Big Day 2015

    A day of celebration in a revitalised local venue

    17 April 2015 By Phil Taylor, Design Unit Manager

    Last week we held a staff event at the beautifully restored Unity Works venue in Wakefield city centre, once famed for its events but disused for over a decade.

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  • Energy and Cost Saving

    Getting the best energy deals for public buildings

    02 April 2015 By Beverley Upcraft, Buyer - Energy

    We're all shopping around for better energy deals at home. But how do we ensure we're getting the best deal for our schools, town halls and libraries?

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  • Shuffle

    Fashionable furniture to fix your office woes

    23 February 2015 By Jack Green, Content Author - Furniture

    Furniture and layout can have a big impact on productivity and academic attainment, but modern design solutions exist to help you solve common office problems.

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