XaaS: why everything is now a service
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XaaS: why everything is now a service

05 November 2020 By The IT team at YPO

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As organisations look towards digitisation to improve their own business processes and their efficiency, services are becoming an increasingly popular way to cost-effectively use and implement IT.

With so many XaaS services now available, it's important to understand their benefits and why they're the primary choice for digitization.

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics‘Services comprise 79.6% of the UK economy', so it’s no surprise that the demand for technology services is rapidly growing with the pace of innovation.

Integration, automation, and communication are key drivers towards ‘xaas’ models, to deliver accuracy, produce time efficiencies and cut costs through the streamlining of systems, information sharing and robotics. Emerging technologies such as the IoT and Artificial Intelligence will also assist the public sector in delivering improved citizen services, using data and cloud services.

Restricted budgets and lack of skill set are barriers that can be overcome using the ‘xaas model’ and partnering with the right supplier who can assist and support you through the transformation process.

Below our suppliers have provided their opinions on the increasingly popular shift towards choosing XaaS models over outright purchase:

Sam Winterbottom – Head of Public Sector at Gamma said:

‘’In today’s digital-first world, businesses need to be more agile than ever before, with resilient business continuity strategies and flexible work arrangements at the top of the priority list.

By adopting a cloud-first approach using the XaaS model, organisations can not only future-proof themselves but also reduce ongoing costs. A major area of XaaS is IT software and the supporting infrastructure including telecoms. Through implementing a cloud-based solution, organisations can ensure that should disaster strike, they can pick up and carry on as usual with little disruption to the service they provide all while improving employee collaboration and satisfaction.

The XaaS model provides organisations with the latest software which can be scaled to meet their needs as their requirements change, while also removing the need for the up-front expenditure associated with the traditional on-premise options. All of this provides the quick, cost efficient route to the digital transformation necessarily required in today’s working environment.’’

Stacy Parsons – Frameworks and Contracts Manager at Pure Technology Group said:

‘’The flexible consumption model, or Xaas, is here to stay. The key driver in the past was primarily focussed on managing cost, as it gave IT departments the chance to flex up or down as required.

This is still a key benefit and one that will come to the fore as budgets are stretched and employee numbers undergo rapid, post COVID change.

However, we are increasingly having conversations with clients where the primary driver is operational efficiency. As a service enables quicker access to the latest technology and eases the adoption of things like artificial intelligence and IoT. There is also a strong feeling amongst consumers that it helps busy IT teams concentrate on higher value activities.’’     

What XaaS services are available?

The introduction of XaaS options into the IT marketplace has been undeniably important in giving organisations of any size the opportunity to access the latest technologies and services whilst maximising their budget. Here are just some of the most popular services you can procure:

 DaaS                                                                                               IaaS

desktop as a service  infrastructure as a service

ITaaS                                                                                               PaaS
IT as a service  platform as a service
SaaS                                                                                                UCaaS

software as a service unified communications as a service


For more information on how our Technology Hardware, Software and Service framework can assist in your procurement of XaaS, get in touch with the team.



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