What's it like being an apprentice at YPO?
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What's it like being an apprentice at YPO?

05 March 2019 By Jorden Nestor, Business Administration Apprentice - YPO


Are you considering an apprenticeship? Want to know more about what they’re like? In this blog, i'll be telling you about my time as an apprentice and how the experience is helping me progress with my future.

The journey to getting my apprenticeship

Before becoming an apprentice at YPO, I was in full time education at high school. I left school at 16 and applied for an apprenticeship in the same year. It was a confusing and unfamiliar time when I left high school as I hadn’t made any plans for the future and wasn’t aware of all the opportunities out there in the big, wide world. However, I had heard of the opportunities YPO were offering, which then made me think about what I could gain and learn from this apprenticeship. I decided to apply in 2018 and I was so excited to be asked for an interview! It was a nerve-wracking few days leading up to the interview date but when I arrived, the interviewers made me feel welcome and calm before asking me a series of questions about my life. When I got the news that I had been accepted to start as an apprentice, it was one of the best days of my life! I finally felt like I had made the first step into my future…

Why should you choose an apprenticeship?

In my opinion, an apprenticeship is the best opportunity you could possibly take after leaving full time education. Throughout the apprenticeship, you will undertake an NVQ qualification which involves coursework that is completed using your experience/evidence from your job. (Which makes your life a lot easier!)

Once you finish your qualification, which will last for the most part of two years, it can be used on job application forms and even your CV. Having an NVQ in business is a great way to help you stand out to employers as it proves you not only have the experience working in an office, but you also have a qualification perfect for any type of business career.

Not only does it give you a pathway to a future career, but you also get paid while you’re learning! In addition, apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular each year and the government are pushing for more young people to choose this learning pathway.

When I first started, it seemed scary experiencing the drastic change from high school to a full-time job, however, I have adapted to my job role a lot better than I thought I would, and I have progressed in ways I never thought I could. I’ve gained knowledge of how procurement works and how trading processes are carried out. Don’t worry if this seems confusing now, getting an apprenticeship will help you understand the overall workings of a business within no time!

Why consider a YPO apprenticeship?

YPO is a friendly, caring business that has a family-like atmosphere, which made me feel welcome and comfortable despite being only 16 and the youngest member of the business. It offers all kinds of opportunities and always wants to help you excel in as many ways as possible. YPO’s apprenticeships will not only allow you to gain experience in a fast-paced office environment, but you’ll learn much much more through events, exhibitions and partnerships with other businesses. This will all prepare you for jobs you may want to apply for in the future, leading to larger opportunities. Throughout your apprenticeship you will also receive further training through YPO’s apprenticeship pathway which will help you gain skills like business writing, effective presentation delivery and interview techniques.

No matter what piece of work you are completing, you will always receive the help and guidance you need to ensure it is correct and that you have a better understanding of the task you are doing, which is so helpful when settling into a new job.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

YPO are always wanting a new intake of apprentices, that will excel and progress within the business. You can apply for an apprenticeship through the YPO website by completing the application form. This will be reviewed by the business and you will receive an email over the next week or two, which will inform you on whether you have an interview with us. Keep a close eye out on the website, we usually advertise for apprentices at the end of April.

 And, if you do receive an interview, good luck!



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