What is business travel?
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What is business travel?

27 November 2018 By Alex Detheridge - Click Travel

What is business travel

When you hear the word travel, you instantly think of your annual holiday away from work and responsibilities, or the dreaded commute to and from the office. But what is business travel?

Well, business travel encompasses all travel that is undertaken for work or business purposes. Whether it be an overnight stay at a hotel near to a main office or a far away trip to attend an international industry exhibition, businesses travel a lot. And it comes at a high cost, which can be a drain on public sector resources. But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think.


Through frameworks, public sector organisations can access fully managed travel management services. Travel management companies (TMCs) exist to help organisations save money on their business travel by helping to streamline your booking processes and allowing you to take control of your expenditure. Working together with a TMC will allow you to achieve best practice in business travel, meaning you’ll spend less time booking travel, and more time focussing on the things that really matter.


What’s more, public sector frameworks take the hassle out of choosing a TMC. There’s no need for a time-consuming, costly procurement process since it’s already done for you. You can rest assured that your chosen TMC has been expertly procured and selected to provide a solution that fits your unique requirements, meaning you can begin to reap the benefits of a TMC in no time at all.


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For more information contact [email protected] or view the Travel Management Services framework.

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