Using floor tape to support social distancing at work or school
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Using floor tape to support social distancing

26 May 2020 By The YPO Team

People social distancing using marked floor tape

With more businesses bringing staff back into the office, and the partial reopening of schools, many organisations are looking for solutions to encourage people to stick to the strict two metre social distance rule.

Social distancing is not something that people have ever had to prepare for before, so when it comes to finding solutions it can be tough knowing which is the best option. There are, however, many ways in which social distancing can be encouraged. Schools in particular have had some guidance from the government and Department for Education on how this is possible which can relate to all organisations.

One option we keep seeing in the news, and even during our weekly shop, is floor marking tape and stickers. It’s such a talked about option as it’s as easy as measuring out the two-metre distance and laying down a line of tape, with the added benefit of being affordable. If you’ve been to the shops recently you will have seen first-hand how well this works; people seem to automatically follow the structure and floor spacing marked out by the tape, which is great!

Floor tape, stickers, posters, and banners are also versatile, making them a good solution for all types of buildings and settings. We’ve had a look at some of the ways to use them;

Safe zones

This could work in most settings, whether it’s a school, office or warehouse. Individual ‘zones’ can be blocked off in a two-metre square to indicate where a person can work, and that no one else should enter this zone.


Lines of tape can mark out walkways in buildings, these could be as simple or as elaborate as you want, you could even colour code them for different purposes. It will act as a clear guidance for people walking around the building.

One-way systems

You can display directional arrows as posters and floor stickers to map out a route throughout the building. This means that there can be one entrance point and one exit, limiting the amount of people entering or exiting the building at a time, and encourage social distancing whilst going in one direction.

Information posters and banners

Floor tape and stickers might be self-explanatory in some cases, but it never harms to display some guidance to reassure people they are following the instructions correctly. Roller banners and posters could be placed around the building to reiterate your guidelines and explain what is expected.

‘Place your feet here’ stickers

A simple line of tape may not be sufficient when dealing with school children. One alternative to consider could be floor stickers displaying feet, so children know exactly where to stand to avoid close contact. You can make these fun by having different animal footprints and even dinosaur footprints!


We’re certain there’s plenty more clever and creative ways organisations are using tape, stickers and posters around their buildings to help encourage social distancing. If you have ideas or even photos of how your workplace is doing it, please tweet them to us at @ypoinfo, we’d love to share!

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David Argent (South Parade Primary school, Ossett) on 28 May 2020

The flyer states that you can supply everything to our needs for opening school ? I have ordered some marking out tape last week and then today you tell me that its sold out ?

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