Top tips on implementing a travel management company
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Tips on implementing a travel management company

04 January 2019 By Alex Detheridge - Click Travel


Now you know what business travel is and how a public sector framework can help you find a travel management service fit for your organisation, this week we’ll be looking at some top tips to keep in mind when implementing a travel management company.

There are lots of things to think about during implementation, and considering your new travel management company (TMC) is supposed to be making life easier for you, it can at first seem daunting. We’re here to help. By setting realistic objectives, communicating effectively and being open to new approaches you’ll be ready to start seeing the benefits of your streamlined travel programme quicker than you ever imagined.

Setting objectives is key to getting the most out of your travel programme, but it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. Start off small and set three achievable, objectives. These could be reducing your average hotel nightly room rate, increasing your online adoption and improving upon your duty of care. By limiting the number of objectives you set initially you should begin to see the returns fairly quickly, without overwhelming yourself in setting an unrealistic number of strict objectives.

Communication of all forms is absolutely vital when implementing a new TMC. First and foremost, make sure you engage your key stakeholders early on in the process. This will ensure that your objectives match the needs of your entire business. Secondly, keep in close contact with your implementation project manager, let them know everything as they are there to get the best out of your new travel programme. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, keep the wider business involved throughout the implementation period. Make use of internal communications to keep all members of staff in the know and up to date, it will be a less of a shock to the system when they come to use the service, and hopefully make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Be open
Finally, be open to new ideas. If you’re not willing to change your ways it’ll be difficult to see any difference in your spending or booking behaviour. Listen to the advice given to you by your new TMC, their expertise could help you deliver cost and time savings in ways you wouldn’t have known before. Whether it be encouraging your users to book online more or considering changing your preferred hotel to a cheaper solution, if you’re open to change you’re sure to begin seeing the difference!


For more information contact [email protected] or view the Travel Management Services framework.

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