Top tips for working from home from the ICT team
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Top tips for working from home from the ICT team

06 May 2020 By the ICT Team at YPO

man working in home office

Our ICT team have come together to provide a top tips video series to support you whilst adjusting to working from home. Whether it be making the most of the technology you're using or general guidance surrounding how best to adjust to your new working life.

If you're an employee working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to adjust to our new working life - remote working!

For those of you who aren't familiar with working from home, our ICT team have put together 5 short videos explaining some easy ways to get the most out of remote working:

Finding the perfect working space

Here's Robyn's top tip to finding a dedicated workspace. Not everyone has a home office, therefore it can be difficult to find an effective workspace, especially if you're not the only one working in your household.


Changing your Microsoft Teams background

MicrosoftTeams is a really useful technology to have whilst working from home. It ensures that we can keep connected with our team and further workforce. In this video, Charlie will explain the steps involved in changing the background on your Microsoft Teams meeting so that you can lighten up your next remote meeting!



Using technology to stay in touch

We can connect through a variety of different technologies, many of which you're probably already using whilst working from home. But it's important to utilize them in our social lives too! At a time where face to face conversations are virtually impossible, a video call can help. After following Charlie's guidance on how to change your Microsoft Teams background, Zoe is here to share her top tip for maintaining social interactions and staying in touch with family and friends.


Using a VPN to access data securely

In order to really make the most of working from home, a VPN connection can be used by your organisation to give employee's remote accessibility to essential documents. Here's Sarah's top tip to retrieving data securely, helping you access all the same files and systems you would if you were at your desk!


Implementing structure into your working day

Creating a work-life balance can be a struggle. Implementing similar working hours each day and knowing what tasks need to be completed can be the key to productive working. Our final tip from the ICT team is from Sean, who explains how devising a work routine that balances work duties with regular breaks and rewards can keep you motivated and focused all day!


Remember that you're a part of a remote team and everyone will be overcoming the same hurdles. Communicating regularly with your team, even if it's for a virtual coffee break, can really help you support one another. Our previous blog offers further guidance and advice on getting started with remote working.

If you have any questions about any of the tips above, get in touch with the ICT Team!

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