Top tips for parent communications
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Top tips for parent communications

12 February 2019 By Fiona Jukes, PR and Communications Manager - YPO


Teachers tell us that one of the most challenging parts of their role can be around relationships with parents. One way we can develop relationships is through clear and regular communication.

YPO’s PR and Communications Manager Fiona Jukes, shares some top tips for effective

Your brand
Does your school have a strong brand identity that parents can relate to? A brand goes much further than just a logo. It reflects your school’s values and ethos and sets you apart from other schools. Your brand encapsulates your school’s culture and vision and should be applied across all your school’s communication channels.

Your website

Identify the main reasons why a parent might come to your website. Is it for contact phone number, is it for the school holiday calendar, is it to see what events are coming up? Make sure all the key information is easy to find and present this information as quickly as possible, as people become impatient if they can’t find what they’re looking for. Keep the content concise and use video and photos as much as possible as they’re really engaging and will help to portray positive images of your school. Don’t forget to make sure your website is mobile friendly, as most parents will be looking at your website on their phones.

Social media
Does your school have a social media strategy? Do you know why you use social media channels and what you’re trying to achieve? For parents, social media is a great way of communicating updates, such as after–school activities, fundraising events, bad weather closures etc. Make sure that you have a consistent tone of voice that’s professional but also try to inject a bit of personality, which helps to increase engagement and two–way conversation.

Twitter and Facebook are the most commonly used for schools. Twitter is great for sharing updates, class photos, parent information and Facebook works well for closed groups, which some schools set up for each class, so they can drive the conversation. As you know, there are occasions when parents setup closed Facebook groups themselves which is totally fine, but there could be a benefit to the school leading on this.

Remember, you can share posts from other reliable sources on Twitter, which shows parents you’re a credible source of information, such as education news, local community news, fun activities for children during school holidays or healthy recipe ideas for pack lunches!


Most schools will already have a parent newsletter sent on email. This is still a great way to communicate regularly with parents. Like your brand and tone of voice, make sure it’s friendly and professional, use lots of photos and videos where possible. Include views from different teachers and even parents, as people like to hear from others in their position. Share some tips and advice that could be helpful for parents, such as around homework or keeping children active in holidays.

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