Top tips for creating engaging physical education
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Top tips for creating engaging physical education

15 March 2018 By Sue Wilkinson and Eileen Marchant, Association for Physical Education

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We all know and recognise that a healthy body gives rise to a healthy mind. There’s now a wealth of knowledge and evidence providing the connectivity between activity, emotional wellbeing and improved academic achievement.

Here’s some handy tips on how to practically help children and young people in your schools engage in physical activity, and make sure that they’re emotionally well so that they can achieve their full potential:

  1. Ensure your curriculum is fit for purpose

    It’s important that you ensure your curriculum is fit for purpose because you’re in control of how you design it. Involve pupils in order to find out what they like, what they want and what resources you need in order to deliver it.


  2. Create a pilot initiative

    You could create a pilot initiative to use with the most challenging class, providing additional physical activity before, during and after school.


  3. Make active learning part of the whole school day

    You could achieve this with such activities as the ‘Daily Mile’ and/or undertaking short three-minute exercise breaks in classroom lessons.


  4. Check on pupil activity at break times

    Undertake checks at break times and lunch times to find out if pupils are as active as they could be. Just 15 minutes activity over the lunch time period increases activity by 75 minutes a week.


  5. Consult with pupils and the workforce

    This should also include a review of all physical education, school sport and physical activity.


  6. Identify areas for development

    Ensure that the Primary PE and Sport Premium is spent on these areas. The premium can be used to fund resources, professional learning and additional staffing.


  7. Challenge staff

    Embed any additionality by challenging staff to demonstrate how an activity within and outside the curriculum is extra to what has, or is being provided.


  8. Check the impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium

Finally, check and challenge the sustainability and impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium on pupil’s health and wellbeing, its crucial to have a clear evidence base in order to demonstrate progress and success.

The Association for Physical Education believes passionately in the value of high quality physical education, physical activity and participation in school sport. Each has an enormous impact on health and emotional well-being as well as significantly impacting on whole school improvement. The quality of your physical education, physical activity and school sport should make a difference to the lives of young people in your school which is quite remarkable.

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