Top tips for an easier tender process on the RM3781 framework
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Top tips for an easier print tender process

10 May 2019 By Andy Haynes - Framework Manager, Konica Minolta

top tips for an easier tender process rm3781 blog

You know you want a multi-functional device and now need to prepare your tender documents for our MFDs framework (RM3781). Here are some top tips from Andy Haynes at Konica which may help:


  • Consider pre-engagement as part of the bid process – this can be beneficial as you can get a feel for how suppliers will respond


  • Include an ‘innovations section’ where respondents can list those areas of their proposal that are especially innovative or differentiators


  • A basket of goods/core items can be used rather than a whole inventory to ensure comparable bids for all suppliers, with a caveat provided that the bidder accepts that the final solution may not necessarily be configured as such. This means once awarded a full audit will be completed for example and some changes to specifications and or solutions may be suggested


  • Customers to include print management licence/certificate


  • Clarification of volumes (print and devices) as the amount varies sometimes when tenders have multiple documents. These can be obtained from invoices, under the billing section on the devices or by the incumbent supplier


  • Include all specific requirements with detail


  • If it’s a portal submission - ensure all aspects of the portal are working e.g check the submission function is enabled


  • Include dimensions of print areas or devices, if space is limited


  • Factor in time for ID/Print card testing and/or site visit


  • Invite the Bidder to provide an overview of the proposal that lists all that is included as standard and optionally. Invite the bidder to evidence the claims made


  • Answer sheets should be in Word, not Excel. The latter makes it difficult to format text/provide illustrations


  • Invite the bidder to evidence the claims made.


We hope you find these useful when preparing your tender documents! See here for more information on the framework.


Click here for more information on the framework.

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