Top of the Sports - most loved products of 2019
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Top of the Sports - most loved products of 2019

02 March 2020 By Matthew Pinder - Assistant Buyer of Sports at YPO

young boy holding football

Keeping up with the latest school sports trends is a vital way to engage students in your physical education lessons. Check out our countdown of the top 10 most loved sports equipment and products from 2019 to inspire your next class!

2019 saw an extremely successful year for British Sport. From England winning the Cricket World Cup, to Lewis Hamilton claiming the World Champion title in Formula 1 for the sixth year running. These sport-wide achievements are what inspire the next generation of sportspeople, and this all begins with school PE.

Ensure that your store cupboard is filled to the brim with sporting equipment and resources to nurture the potential of your sporting students! Here's our top 10 products to help get you started:

The top 10...

10Bean Bags (in assorted colours)

A staple item of every Sports cupboard is Bean Bags. They are a really useful introduction to sports product, helping early years and primary schools encourage a number of different throwing activities and games. Perfect for little hands!

9Catch Pads

A product which has found much success in recent years, the Catch Pads provide schools with an effective, yet simple game to improve hand-eye co-ordination, teamwork and social skills.

8Skipping Ropes

A real classic sports and activity product, the humble Skipping Rope remains as popular in todays school as it always has been. Helping kids stay physically active and in some cases develop teamwork skills is just some of the benefits. They're great to use in the playground too!

7Size 5 Albion Basketball

With most, if not every school having access to a playground, Basketball is a popular sport due to how accessible it is and the multitude of skills that can be gained through participation. Why not start a team and encourage some healthy competition with a tournament - an easy way to work with other schools in your local area.

6Playground Balls

Arguably one of the most versatile pieces of sport and activity equipment is Playground Balls. They can be used in almost every sport and used for improving core skills with the younger age groups.

The top 5... 

5YPO Zeus balls with Bag

Football is a popular sport to incorporate in pe lessons, primarily because it requires next to no equipment. Any space at school can become a football pitch for students, so even if you don’t have a designated field, grass area or astroturf, it really is as easy as supplying the football to encourage this activity. 

4Soft Sponge Foam Balls

These foam balls are a highly versatile item, perfect for younger age groups to develop core motor and sports skills. Using soft equipment made from materials like foam and sponge makes it easy to include students with diverse sporting abilities whilst the soft characteristics ensure nobody gets hurt.

3After School Club Mega Kit

Sometimes it is much easier to choose sporting equipment that can be used for countless different activities. Giving students options with resources allows them to choose what they want to do, developing independence and imagination. There are many different games and activities that can be set up with this mega kit to keep a large number of pupils happily entertained.


Just about every primary school in the country will use Hoops, it is a sporting essential can be used for all ages and incorporated into pretty much any activity - whether it be Hula Hooping or using them as targets to throw Bean Bags or playground balls through. 

And the 2019 Top of the Sports winner is...

1Tennis Balls!

You can use tennis balls at any key stage, they're an essential product you should always have in your sports cupboard. Use them both indoors and outside, for skill development or a sports game. Most school activities and lessons all use or can use Tennis Balls, which is what makes them the most popular item purchased by schools in 2019.

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