Top five cleaning tips to help you prepare for winter
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Five cleaning tips to help you prepare for winter

16 October 2020 By Jonathan Carr - Assistant Category Buyer of Cleaning and Hygiene at YPO

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The dark nights are starting to close in, which can mean only one thing, winter is coming! Here’s our top five cleaning tips to help you with the winter months and prepare for the cold times ahead.


1. Clean the guttering

With trees beginning to shed their leaves and an increase in rainfall, throwing an uncleaned drainage system into the mix can be a recipe for disaster. The leaves and all the dirt and grime from throughout the year (with the possible addition of a tennis ball or two) can all be washed into the roof's drainage system. This will block the roof's drainage and in more severe situations result in the roof developing leaks and the appearance of damp, which can be very costly to resolve.

Cleaning the guttering however can be a daunting task. Make sure your site management team are safe and secure before carrying it out. Have they the correct ladders, gloves, goggles, rakes and other equipment? Cleaning systems designed especially for gutter cleaning, such as Spacevac, can be a massive help by making it a much easier task and saving you money in the long run.


2. Disinfect

We all know too well that winter is the worst season for the easy spreading of germs and bacteria due to the lower temperatures. It is important to keep disinfectant handy, in a bid to fight against any germs that may have sneaked their way into the classroom, eradicating them quickly before they have the chance to spread. Disinfecting is particularly important with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using the correct disinfectant on the correct area is essential to stop the spread of bacteria, as this increases efficiency. So do your research and you will soon see that an efficient disinfectant is a vital tool to have in your arsenal this winter.


3. Prepare outdoor areas for winter

As the winter months draw in, this brings the problem of freezing temperatures and along with it, icy conditions. Ice will develop all along the roads and pavements making for slippery surfaces and harbouring a risk of an accident. By ensuring all outdoor areas such as entrances, pathways, car parks and playgrounds are fully prepared for the winter, you can eliminate the risk of an accident. When it comes to preparing or clearing these areas, rock salt, salt spreaders, snow ploughs and snow shovels are valuable tools to ensure grounds maintenance.


4. Vacuum

The use of salt, sand or gravel may be great for preventing any accidents from occurring, but it is definitely bad news for our carpets and other upholstery. If not kept on top of, the build-up of extra dirt over a prolonged period of time can cause costly damage to carpets, such as fraying. By upping the frequency of vacuuming during the winter months, you'll be removing any excess dirt from your carpets before it has the chance to settle and become ground in by people’s feet. It's a small task but it really does go a long way!


5. Steam clean

A further step in the chain of winter readiness preparation would be to steam clean carpets and upholstery before winter fully takes a hold. The power of steam cleaning to remove ground in dirt and grime is truly unrivalled. Steam cleaners work as water is heated past boiling point and in turn is forced out as pressurized steam through a nozzle. The pressurized steam removes dirt and harmful bacteria, without the need for suction and even dries quickly due to the high temperatures. The real prize winner for steam is the chemical free clean, making this option not only one of the best but eco-friendly too, as steam can quickly kill 99.99% of bacteria.


When it comes to winter, being prepared goes a long way to easing any constraints on budget and staff. We can help with our winter products and hygiene and cleaning ranges.

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