Top 10 tips to get good value when recruiting supply teachers
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Top 10 tips for recruiting supply teachers

24 August 2017 By Lizzy Grayson, Category Buyer - Corporate and People Services


The right supply teachers can save your day - but finding them isn’t always easy.

Recruiting supplier teachers can be a juggling act in itself as you look to balance everything you need, while getting the best value for money.

So to help out, we’ve put together our top 10 tips for getting the best value for money out of recruiting supply teachers:

  1. Find out from the recruitment agency what the supply teachers take home pay will be


  2. Ask the agency to provide you with a breakdown of all tax including NI, WTR, apprenticeship levy (apprenticeship levy will only be relevant if your school’s wage bill is more than £3m)


  3. Ask the agency what its fee is for recruiting the teacher - this will normally be shown as a percentage


  4. Make sure that agencies provide you with a broken-down cost on all invoicing so you can understand how the fees are added up


  5. Always check around several different agencies and remember every agency will say they have the ‘most appropriate’ candidate


  6. Understand the different agencies that your school currently uses


  7. Agree fixed rates with your agencies for a minimum of one year


  8. Talk to other schools/academies in your area about the rates they’re paying and try to agree rates across schools in your area


  9. Check with agencies that the correct compliance checks are been carried out


  10. Brief the permanent staff in your school about the volume of money spent on supply teachers to make sure they’re committed to asking for rates and fees
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