Top 10 animal rescues of 2017
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Top 10 animal rescues of 2017

07 December 2017 By Johnathan Carr, Assistant Buyer - Emergency Services and Blue Light

Horse rescue

Did you know, the UK Fire Services have spent at least £3.5m rescuing 17,000 animals in the last three years!

Of these 17,000 animals, 1,700 were horse rescues. That’s 10 percent of all animal rescues being horses alone! (As found by a BBC investigation).

Here are the top 10 animal rescues of the year 2017 that are definitely not kitten around...

At 10, an udderly ridiculous story

In Bradford, a rescue team were called in as a cow had fallen into a sinkhole. A specialist rescue team were called to the Norwood Green area in Bradford to help free the cow. Crews, assisted by the farmer, had managed to dig a hole around the trapped cow and then used a lifting sling to help the cow out of trouble. When questioned, the cow commented “I am not amoosed”. Read the full story

At 9, what a ruff day

Journey down south to Cambridgeshire, 12 week old American Bulldog-cross Staffordshire bull terrier Dennis found himself in quite the predicament. Believed by his owner to have been attempting his very own version of the great escape, Dennis had become wedged in a tumble dryer vent hole. Rescue teams used a hammer and chisel to chip the wall away to free him. Maybe Dennis will be careful on future ventures. Read the full story

At 8, a prickly situation

We join Hatherleigh Fire and Rescue Service in north Devon as they were forced to use their hydraulic lifting gear to free a little hedgehog (yes, you read that correctly). Fire and Rescue services received a phone call reporting a hedgehog that had been stuck under a cattle grid for a couple of days. Residents and local animal ambulance had tried to free the hedgehog – but had been unsuccessful, prompting the phone call to the emergency services. Read the full story

At 7, absolute cat-astrophe

A man from Brynmawr had to rip down his kitchen wall after undertaking a two day task in attempt to free his kitten. The cat had become stuck in a cavity between two walls. Thankfully, after emergency services were called – the situation had a paw-sitive outcome. Fire and Rescue services used a camera to see into the hole where the cat was trapped and using small tools and a hydraulic jackhammer, managed to free the cat. Read the full story

At 6, just in on FOX News

A fox found himself in a bit of a tight spot when curiosity got the better of him and he tried to squeeze through a small gap in a fence. His unfortunate situation was reported to an animal charity who then referred the situation onto the Fire and Rescue service who managed to create a big enough gap in the fence for the fox to be rescued. Read the full story

At 5, deer lord!

In Lochinver in the Highlands, we have a rescue story with a twist, as this was resolved without the services but is a rescue none the less. A red deer stag netted himself a goal and had to be rescued! A foundation manager and gamekeeper managed to work together to free the animal from the football net in the Sutherland Village. I can only imagine that it is stag-gering to be free. Read the full story

At 4, doggy paddle

The Coastguard Agency working on the Moray Coast completed a brave rescue of a cockapoo who had been swept out to sea. The dog was spotted by a helicopter on a training exercise. The helicopter was easily able to spot the dog and alert the Moray inshore rescue boat of its whereabouts. This was surely no walk in the park for the little cockapoo. Read the full story

At 3, hole in the wall!

Lexi the cocker spaniel found herself producing her very own version of Dale Winton’s hole in the wall. Although she is a slightly different contestant to the norm she wasn’t going to let this stop her but unfortunately, she became stuck in the wall. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service had to use a hammer and chisel to help get Lexi free. Use your head Lexi. 

At 2, horsing around!

The small sea side village of Jaywick in Essex saw a large operation to free a horse who had become trapped in a water-logged ditch. Rescue services had to enter the water and work to keep the horses head above the water, while a vet sedated the animal to keep it calm. Ropes were then attached to the horse and a tractor to help drag the horse free. The horse is said to be in a stable condition. Read the full story

Finally, at 1, cow-abunga

Rescuers in north Cornwall have spent two days rescuing a pregnant cow that plunged 40ft down a cliff. The rescue operation had to be abandoned on the first day as the tide was rising and it was beginning to get dark. Once the cow had been sedated, rescue services were able to manoeuvre the animal to safety. Despite the terr-a-bull ordeal the cow is now safe and sound. Read the full story

You’ve really got to hand it to our Fire and Rescue services. Not only do they provide a helping hand to people in their hour of need, but that warm hand is extended to our animal counterparts when they too find themselves in need of assistance. They work tirelessly around the clock to help, no matter the situation and for this, especially nearing the Christmas end of the year, I'm sure many people will join me in saluting you.

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