The importance of shredding for GDPR compliance
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The importance of shredding for GDPR compliance

13 November 2019 By Thomas Miller - Trade Marketing Executive at Fellowes

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GDPR became law on 25th May 2018. There are significant fines for breaching the new data protection regulations meaning it is essential that organisations and its employees have access to a shredder to avoid the consequences of a data breach.

GDPR in the workplace

Since the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a question hangs in the air: are businesses finally taking it seriously? Multiple studies prior to 25 May 2018 showed that businesses were confused by GDPR and failing to comply – but, surely, a year on, companies now know what they need to do.

Well, no – apparently not. A study by Fellowes, which included feedback from over 1,000 office workers, showed that 90% of respondents were more likely to be reprimanded for failing to unload the dishwasher than slacking on data regulations! Even more worryingly, over half of these workers said they had seen personal data that they shouldn't have had access to in the office. Additionally, over a third of those surveyed admitted leaving confidential files in non-confidential areas, leaving them at risk of breach.

The Fellowes survey also showed that just under half of respondents had sent a private e-mail to the wrong person, with 60% saying they had been a recipient of at least one such e-mail. While these statistics suggest that workplaces are far too lax about data, only 14% of workers involved in the survey said they were challenged about their reckless handling of confidential information. Thus, businesses really aren't taking this seriously – even a year later.

Businesses should educate their staff on what is needed and remind them that data handling processes should be considered routine, everyday procedures, otherwise, they could end up neglected and create serious problems. This is vital for businesses to become, and remain, GDPR compliant.

How can using a shredder help with GDPR compliance?

When it comes to data security for paper documents that you no longer need, there is no greater peace of mind than using a shredder to securely destroy them. Using a shredder is the safest way of securely disposing of sensitive paper-based information. Fellowes shredders safely destroy paper documents so hard copy data that is no longer required cannot be read or accessed anymore.

The key is to make shredders a part of the document retention policy to help minimise the risk of a data breach. Shred all obsolete paperwork to prevent confidential data falling into the wrong hands.

There is a broad range of shredders from personal to large office and department shredders with different features available to businesses enabling them to benefit from a reliable and secure performance suited to them.

If you need further support in choosing the right shredder for GDPR compliance in your workplace, you can read our five things to consider when buying a shredder blog or contact c[email protected].

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