The effects of COVID-19 on job roles in recruitment
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The effects of COVID-19 on roles in recruitment

03 July 2020 By YPO, Capita and Reed

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This is the second blog in our series, exploring what has been happening in the recruitment sector and how it has been impacted by COVID-19, as well as how the sector has adapted to the challenges faced.

We have interviewed a few of our recruitment providers to get their thoughts on the last few months and the changes that they have seen. The second question we asked the providers was:

Is there any innovation in the market around fulfilling roles?


The main innovation in the market is the increased use of technology to support every element of the recruitment journey, from applications, to interviews, assessments, inductions, and on-boarding. During this time, we have seen some of the major efficiencies that online resources offer, such as video interviewing enabling our clients to keep recruitment moving by assessing candidates from the comfort and safety of their own homes.


However, the success of any technology is only possible when supported by effective communication between all parties. We have therefore seen a significant increase in the use of mobile phones, providing a true blend of technology and human interaction to support candidates and clients throughout the entire recruitment process.


There have also been changes in the way we advertise roles, removing benefits from the headline and instead opting for ‘clean’ job titles e.g. ‘Key Worker’ rather than ‘Key Worker, Birmingham, Competitive Salary and great benefits’. The reason for this is the speed in which organisations are needing to attract candidates into these job roles.


Evidence also suggests that, in some staffing areas particularly more professional categories such as procurement and finance, there is more of a focus on fixed workforces, with an increase in permanent roles being advertised, as opposed to contract or temporary opportunities.



In this current climate in recruitment, especially regarding face-to-face interaction between businesses and clients, there has to be a forward-thinking approach, and innovative ways in which we can still work while we work remotely. Capita is always encouraging and pushing ideas to develop and fulfil roles while we continue to work, including embedding AI into the recruitment process, gauging a candidate’s suitability, and detecting hiring biases amongst assessors. Also, with automated candidate matching, with an estimation of a candidate’s aptitude and ability to be re-skilled, plus the ability to tailor specific learning items based on a person’s skill-set and career goals.

Existing technology solutions will now address strategic imperatives that may not have been on the top of the priority list before the pandemic.

Employer brand will become even more critical in shaping candidate perceptions, and the need for different recruitment technology solutions are progressing every day. In the short term, the Coronavirus crisis has had a significant impact on the recruitment industry, but our clients and candidates expect a personalised technology experience in the workplace to be as close to how we were pre-COVID-19.

We have all seen changing demands in recruitment over the last few months, due to the impact of COVID-19. In our first blog of the series, we asked our providers 'what is happening in recruitment across the sectors and what changes are being seen?'. In our final upcoming blog we'll be asking 'what does the future of recruitment look like?'.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help with your recruitment needs during the pandemic, get in touch with the team!

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