Choosing paper cups for your catering facility
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Choosing paper cups for your catering facility

12 September 2018 By Jo Gilroy - Head of Sustainability at Bunzl Catering Supplies

Compostable paper cups

Bunzl Catering Supplies have used their expert knowledge to put together a handy guide to help you decide which type of hot drink paper cups would be most suited to your catering facility.

In 2016, a BBC documentary called ‘War on Waste’ made public that paper cups were not being recycled despite being largely made from paperboard. Paper cups are not easily recycled due to several factors: a waterproof plastic lining, high levels of food service debris contamination, lack of specialised recycling facilities and a low market value for recycled paperboard.

 Since then, the food service packaging industry has taken steps to make paper cups widely recyclable, investing in recycling infrastructure, more on-the-go collection points and the launch of an innovative paper cup with 48% less plastic . When selecting paper cups for your facility, you may want to consider the following four types:

1.  Paper cups

48% less plastic paper cup

These are made with an innovative barrier coating called EarthCoating. They use 48% less plastic than a standard PE lined paper cup and are fully recyclable when disposed of in a dedicated paper cup waste stream. This cup is perfect for customers looking to review and reduce their plastic footprint, and the cup has an attractive off-the-shelf design.


2. PE lined  paper cups

PE lined paper cup

These are now more widely recyclable and command an increased market value as recycled paperboard material.They have a double wall insulation, custom print is available, and they continue to be accepted in the Simply Cups collection and recycling scheme.


3. Reusable cups

Reusable paper cup

They are generally made from glass, plastic or metal with insulation properties, and are an environmentally responsible solution when a single-use product is not required.


4. Compostable paper cups

Compostable paper cup


These carry EN1 3432 certification. They must be disposed of along with food in a dedicated food wastebin and sent to an industrial composter licensed to take the material - speak to your waste provider.

The cups are made from renewable resources, that will regrow, and will compost in industrial composting facilities within 12 weeks. They also have an attractive off-the-shelf design.


If you’re looking to set up a contract for catering disposals, contact our team who will be happy to discuss your options with you: [email protected]

To view the catering disposals framework page, click here.


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