Benefits of a high yield toner cartridge
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Benefits of a high yield toner cartridge

07 July 2016 By Vicky Walker, Account Manager - ACS


There are many benefits of swapping your standard toner for a high yield toner cartridge particularly if you do a lot of printing in your business. Discover the benefits in this guest blog from ACS.

Although it may seem like a high initial outlay, swapping to high yield can reduce your costs dramatically as well as your carbon footprint. For example, you won't need to order as many separate cartridges, therefore reducing your shipping costs- that’s also a hell of a lot less packaging to pay for. If you’re savvy and figure out the cost per print (CPP) of your print-outs you’ll realise that actually the more you use your printer with a high-yield cartridge the cheaper your CPP.

An office with a high print capacity could save time and money.

Consider the effort of re-ordering and replacing regular toners (never mind the mess caused to your hands) and the time that could be saved with a toner that lasts a whole lot longer. The likelihood of damaging the printer or cartridge by your colleague’s brute force is also greatly reduced.

One of the biggest reasons companies consider swapping to high yield toner cartridges is due to the environmental implications they provide. As mentioned, buying high yield means less packaging and shipping costs which in turn means less transportation required and less fuel wasted- so perfect for those environmentally conscious when it comes to buying business supplies.

If your company is keen on being green there are lots of manufacturers who make their toners from recycled materials and also operate cartridge recycling schemes- ACS for example  have an initiative where for every single full recycling box they collect a small fee which is paid direct to charity.

ACS also have their own brand range of toner cartridges, including high yield toners- the Jumbo range, a range of 23 extra high capacity toner cartridges exclusive to ACS customers. Jumbo toners last up to 4 times longer than the standard toner range, meaning much more pages are printed overall at a lower cost per print.

There are other ways in which you can be environmentally conscious of course other than switching to a high yield toner- why not consider the below?

•    Recycle your paper as well as your cartridges
•    Try not to print out unnecessary parts of the document, especially if it’s just for your reference
•    Print double sided pages
•    Scan to the cloud- save space and the planet. Recycle the paper once you are ready to file away electronically.

It has to be said that swapping to high-yield isn’t for everyone as ink is perishable with a shelf life of 2 years; so if your business prints a few sheets once a fortnight- you won’t reap the benefits and your ink could perish. If you’re uncertain whether high yield might not be for you- think back to the cost your printer. Generally, the cheaper printer options equate to a higher price point in ink and CPP and the higher cost options mean that usually the cost per print is lower.

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