The balancing scales of food at work
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The balancing scales of food at work

12 October 2016 By Fiona Wilkins, Corporate Communications Manager

YPO staff in canteen

Our Corporate Communications Manager Fiona Wilkins talks about the different food choices for staff at YPO

We all know how hard it is to resist the cookies and cakes that our colleagues bring in (what seems like) every week - following a birthday, wedding or any other excuse. We pretend to not enjoy it and mutter “I’m being good” but when that 3pm slump arrives, we’re all sheepishly shuffling over to the unlucky person’s desk where the treats can always be found.


Thankfully for staff at YPO, it’s not all about naughty temptations, as we’re lucky enough to have a well-balanced and variety of options for breakfast and lunch in our canteen. Not only is our canteen subsided (an employee benefit), but we can also choose from a healthy salad bar, freshly-made sandwiches and a different hot-meal menu every day – which offers everything from jacket potatoes, to roast dinners, to fajitas, and fish and chips. Not necessarily healthy you might say – but the option’s there if we want it. 


Once a week, fresh fruit is delivered to each floor in the office and vending machines are well stocked with healthy alternatives like porridge, cereal bars and yogurts – when we’re not feeling up to the full English available every day in the canteen.


We make sure not to miss out on any celebrations - with Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween and the recent Roald Dahl Day - all making for fun themes and interesting foods served up in the canteen. During Roald Dahl Day, we were treated to some scrumdiddlyumptious food including a grobswitchy cake and butter gumballs – again, the choice is there if you want it!


Like anything in life, it’s always about choice, balance and moderation. At YPO, we know how important food is to keep us going throughout our working day. We’re lucky enough to have many healthy options, so we feel slightly less guilty about reaching over for one more cookie.

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