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Temporary labour, which model?

13 June 2016 By Lizzy Grayson, Buyer - Corporate & People Services

Temporary Labour

Do you know which delivery model to use for temporary recruitment - neutral, master or hybrid? Our HR buyer, Lizzy explains the differences in her latest blog.

Since joining YPO about a year ago from a local authority I’ve immersed myself into the world of HR. My aim was to understand how, as a framework provider (of public sector contract services), we can really understand our customers’ needs and not just procure another framework that doesn’t meet the requirements.

By no means am I under the illusion that we get it right first time, all the time, but I do promise we want to work with authorities around the country to ensure we’re creating something unique.

A common query, when I talk to many authorities, is the hard question of ‘which delivery model do I use for temporary recruitment – neutral, master or hybrid? - and the simple answer is - ‘there’s no right or wrong model, it depends on your needs.

But firstly, what are neutral, master and hybrid vendor models?

A neutral vendor model is where a customer wishes to appoint a managed service provider that will provide all temporary workers via third party agencies and not provide the workers themselves. The provider will manage the supply chain including the second and third tier providers to fulfil your requirements.

A master vendor model is for customers who wish to appoint a managed service provider that will utilise their own internal supply of workers and then create a supply chain to support and ensure the authorities’ requirements can be met. The provider will manage the supply chain including the second and third tier providers to fulfil your requirements.

A hybrid vendor model allows you to create a bespoke solution that is specific to your needs and challenges, for example create a unique way of managing your social workers. A managed service provider will provide workers from their internal resource pool and through external agencies.

Normally, when authorities are looking to procure services, the first thing we do is write down exactly what they need. We do this on a daily basis and for a variety of different services – so why with temporary labour do we have to make the needs fit a pre-determined model?

We should make the models fit for you. Providers within the market are keen to develop this approach and push boundaries so we have a great opportunity to make flexible solutions to meet your needs.

Creating a unique outcome-focused solution

Understanding the hiring manager’s needs, and understanding what fits for them is imperative. We can use this to work out the pros and cons of your current approach which will help create you a solution for your next contract.

What are the fills rates? Is there any off contract spend? How does your supply work and does it meet your needs?

The big question ‘what do you need to achieve from temporary labour and how can you get there’?

A provider should be your partner and constantly shaping a service to meet your requirements- it’s much more than just fitting into the traditional models.

For more information on the HR Services and Solutions framework please contact Lizzy, Buyer - YPO; [email protected] or call 01924 821 779.

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Paul Large (Welland Procurement (shared service)) on 11 March 2020

Hi one of our councils has to re-procure their temp agency contract for waste operatives. There is the possibility of a wider Council wide Agency procurement/MSP type model (but no details yet) a) does your framework allow appointment of a single agency e.g., for temp waste operatives? b) could such an appointed provider then be absorbed within a wider MSP type contract that the Council procures later on e.g., up to a year or two later? Regards:

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