Stay active during the winter months
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Stay active during the winter months

22 November 2018 By Gemma Maw, Category Buyer for Sports and SEN

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As we come into the long, dark and cold winter days it is very easy to want to just hibernate on the sofa under a warm cosy blanket, watch television or play video games. Staying active over the winter months is important to keep children’s fitness and activity levels high which further helps to instil healthy habits.

Here are three suggestions for keeping children active during winter indoor playtimes.

1. Obstacle course

This is great for school halls or even classrooms. All you need are some cones, hoops and bean bags – put your body through the hoop, jump over a low obstacle and get three bean bags into a bucket, each time moving to the next obstacle on the course. Split the children into teams and time them on which team can complete the course first.You will soon find the time passing quickly and that the children have enjoyed a fun and active playtime that enables them to cheer on classmates, work together and gain communication skills through being part of a competitive team.

2. Table tennis

Table tennis is a game for any age, ability and fitness level. It’s entertaining, fun and can be played either on a classroom table or on a foldaway table tennis table. Playing table tennis can help to stimulate mental alertness, concentration and can improve hand-eye coordination. 
Table tennis is a great way to spend time with friends, meet people or even to widen their social circle.

3. Dance and gymnastics

Whether they are a good dancer or have two left feet, whether they can cartwheel, do the splits or roly poly or not - it doesn’t matter! Just put some music on, get the benches out, along with balls, pom poms, hoops and dancing scarves and watch them get into the rhythm of the beat. 

We all have some great memories from school of playing outdoor games like netball, football, cricket, athletics, tennis and rounders, with school friends during PE or lunchtime break in the warm sunshine. But indoor activities can be just as fun and engaging and can be played whatever the weather!

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