Starting a new role virtually
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Starting a new role virtually

29 April 2020 By Sean Cantrill - Further Competition Coordinator at YPO

Sean, YPO's Further Competition Coordinator

Starting a new job or role can be an intimidating process for some especially during the unprecedented situation we are all currently living in. I am going to discuss my recent experience in starting a new role virtually at YPO, in the hope that it can increase the confidence of anyone who might be feeling anxious about the process.

For the past 2 years I have been a HGV driver for YPO delivering supplies to the public sector. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working for the logistics side of the business but at the start of this year I decided it was time for a change.

A role was advertised working in the procurement services. The role intrigued me, I applied and I was fortunate enough to be offered the position. Just over a week after I accepted the opportunity, the UK entered its lockdown which exacerbated the apprehension that I was feeling. A change of career path can be a daunting experience and to do so with added general uncertainty, proposed a challenging time ahead.

Fortunately, my new manager was quick to communicate with me, informing me of how the team were continuing with a near normal level of work. Confirming I was able to work from home, I was assigned a full complement of equipment: laptop, display, mouse and keyboard, as well as an office chair, ensuring I was going to be comfortable for as long as these circumstances persisted.

Online courses also ensured that I was fully updated on health and safety practices related to office working, such as display screen awareness training. The help and support I have been offered from the beginning of my new role has allowed me to comfortably settle into a new environment with a new team.

Each day we have video calls to catch up about work, it is a great way to build and maintain team cohesion. whether it be on MS Teams or Zoom. Being able to share screens has enabled me to quickly learn about my new role and the tasks that are associated, just as I would if we were in the office.

Articles regarding health and wellbeing have also been great in helping me adapt to working from home, providing tips on how to stay productive whilst maintaining good health and wellbeing. These are shared on our intranet as well as internal messaging groups such as MS Teams.

Coming up to a month in my new role, I already feel like an appreciated and participating member of the HR Services procurement team. Introductions with other category managers (via video call), has made me feel welcomed into the wider team and has contributed to the development of my procurement knowledge.

The apprehension I felt a month ago rapidly faded and has been replaced by excitement and pride that I am on the right path and I can become a valued member of the procurement services team.


We've compiled some helpful information about how the recruitment sector is meeting the demands of Covid-19 and how your organisation can continue recruitment virtually during these unprecedented times.

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Fiona Fielding on 26 May 2020

Well done Sean, sounds like a good working relationship with the rest of your team is developing despite the lack of face to face contact.

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