Smart Tech in the new World
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Smart Tech in the new World

11 June 2020 By Sarah Sesum - Category Manager of ICT at YPO

man wearing smart watch

As the world starts to get back to the reality of moving away from home working and more of us are facing going back into offices and workspaces under the new strict working and social distancing rules, how can Technology assist?

Being in the role I am, I am fascinated with new technology, I have seen over the couple of years, where a camera can detect your temperature and age, not always flattering. Apps that can track where you have been and have been in contact with to warn of possible contamination. Smart wearables being used as more than just a device to count steps or allow you to see your text message, however  to detect how close you are to others around which can set off an alarm.

IoT has seen the start of everyday objects starting to talk to each other, predictions were that by 2020, two hundred billion things would be connected to the internet, have you got smart bulbs yet?

This all seems new and out of the norm, however Police Officers have been wearing cameras since 2005 and it will not be long before we see our Emergency Services wearing smart clothing to detect temperatures and heart rates.

We live in such an exciting technological age, where the cost of owning, using or implementing this kind of Tech is reducing by the day. We are so used to using our smart phones or wearable smart watches, but its only in the last couple of decades where its available to the majority, the tech and computing power to build an entry level iPad in 2017 would have cost 100 Billion in 1980! What will we see in the next 40 years?

 It is not just computers, portable equipment and wearables that are being slowly taken over by tech, Car Manufacturers are involved in software as much as Google, MIT Technology review 20 (2014) predicted that by 2016, 40% of the cost of a new car would be in software and electronics, think what it is now? My car talks to me more than my children.

If Technology can assist, I say bring it on, if I need to wear a lanyard with a detector on to make sure myself and my colleagues are safe at work, that’s fine. If I need to be scanned as I walk through the airport or even office, to check my temperature then that is fine.

Let us welcome this new Technology revolution with open arms, lets allow this wonderful technology the opportunity to make our lives easier and safer. I personally can not wait to see what the next 10, 20, 30 years will bring!

The ICT team are working closely with our framework suppliers on innovative new tech such as, valuable kit to enable an easy transition to working from home. Webcasting and communication tools software to support the new more online world and Smart Technology and IoT to enable social distancing and biometric scanning for security and health purposes, technology can assist us to work smarter and harder during these challenging times. To find out more you can view our full framework details here.

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