Recruiting Together
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Recruiting Together

03 April 2020 By Lizzy Grayson - Category Manager of HR Services at YPO

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During the next few months the world of recruitment will be pushed to deploy resources across public sector organisations. We've rounded up some information to provide you with an update on what YPO and the wider recruitment sector are doing to offer support.

The demand of recruiting high volumes of temporary roles is something that has increased dramatically at present. Therefore, it's important to understand how recruitment may develop during this time.

It is our most important priority to offer relief and support during trying times which is why we are working with other buying organisations on recruitment, like never before, setting aside competition and framework options to focus on the bigger picture.

Our biggest aim is to consider how we can provide the best support when it comes to resourcing the nation.

The new pressures faced by the wider recruitment sector are rising. Demand is going to be tight as the need to find the right candidates increases. As procurement experts we understand the concept of supply and demand, but we urge the sector not to raise fees in response to this. This is your chance to act fast and act now to support the public sector in these difficult times. We appreciate the challenges you face and the difficulty you may have but we are all in this together and we are here to support you.

We are working with customers to understand their current needs and requirements. This is so that we can help both agencies and authorities work together to find temporary resources. Some important factors we've already picked up on are;
  • Supply chain’s under managed service providers are constantly evolving, they are onboarding new agencies in critical areas to ensure delivery of key workers in the coming weeks.
  • Providers are developing lists of key skills so they can resource variety of roles.
  • Providers are working with authorities to re-deploy temporary workers into more critical areas.
  • Local authorities are estimating around a 20-25% reduction in permanent workforce due to illness.
  • Providers and local authorities are working closely to predict which categories of workers are going to be in high demand.
  • Analysing providers category strengths during these times we need to understand providers strengths so we are working with the sector to understand the top 5 categories that each provider can deliver.

Working together in recruiting


The changes to all manner of organisations and businesses during COVID-19 are our priority. On average some public sector organisations are estimating a potential reduction in staff of around 20%.  By working together, YPO and other buying organisations can help support the sector in managing supply chains and communicating across authorities in the coming weeks.

Our team of recruitment procurement specialists are dedicated in trying to find the most appropriate agencies and solutions during these trying times. If you have any recruitment needs or would just like to discuss the challenges in the sector, please contact us at [email protected] and we can help.


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