DUPLO® resources put to the test
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DUPLO® resources put to the test

09 May 2017 By Heather Millard, Campaign Manager

Bright Sparks Nursery

We asked Bright Sparks Nursery in Tyne and Wear to investigate how a selection of DUPLO® resources can help young children learn through creativity.

Generally, what did you and the children think of the resources?

We really liked them! All the sets had lovely bright colours and were the usual high quality we expect from DUPLO®. There were lots of ways to play with products which is always a good thing for children. The resources were also accessible to all children regardless of ability – they were all able to play at an appropriate level to them. 

Do you think they help with achieving any specific learning objectives?

The build me emotions set was good for PSED, exploring and understanding feelings and emotions. The café provided opportunities for imaginative play and role play, playing in a group and replaying familiar experiences. The maths train helped with number recognition, counting random arrangements, matching number to quantity and sequencing numbers

Would you recommend the resources to other nurseries? And why?

The products are great and we would certainly recommend them, however nurseries need to be aware that there is a limited amount of DUPLO® in each set and the sets are more suitable for play by an individual or very small group. 

Children’s comments included ‘I want another one of these’, ‘I can’t see any more trains’, I want one like she’s got’ etc. This was particularly true for the train set and only worked for us because we were able to supplement the product with DUPLO® we already own. The cafe set was better for small group play but still we found there was only enough equipment for a few children.  The build me emotions was the best to use in a group situation as there were enough pieces for more children to play at once. 

They work well when you have existing DUPLO® to extend the kits.

What score would you give the products overall out of 10?

10 for quality, 10 for appeal, 10 for educational value but only 6 for practicality in a larger group setting.

Thanks to Bright Sparks Nursery in Tyne and Wear for their insightful review.  

If you would like to review one of our Early Years products, please email your details to [email protected] and a member of our team will be in touch.  

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