Procuring your specialist decorator paints
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Procuring your specialist decorator paints

05 November 2020 By Jo King - Category Buyer for Facilities Management at YPO

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As the Christmas holidays are fast approaching, have you thought about getting your buildings, classrooms and premises decorated ready for the new year and next school term?

Although sourcing the goods and services required for a complete re-decoration in your schools and classrooms might seem a mammoth task in comparison to decorating your living room, procurement processes make it easier for you to decorate.

You can procure the equipment and services needed to bring any decorating ideas to life through our Decorative Paints and Sundries framework.

The framework:

This solution is for the procurement and supply of decorative paints and sundries, decorator centre vouchers and tenant packs and a variety of professional services in relation to decorating. Making it easier for public sector organisations to decorate, this includes schools and education premises.

This means that whilst sourcing what you need, the process adheres to legal standards and ensures compliance with your workplace health and safety guidelines (health and safety work act 1974).

The framework is broken down into five lots that offer an extensive range of internal and external wall paints, sundries and services, including;

  • Lot 1 - Decorator Paint
  • Lot 2 - Decorator Solutions
  • Lot 3 - Decorator Sundries
  • Lot 4 - Professional Services
  • Lot 5 - YPO Catalogue Items

Lot 1 of the framework also allows for the supply of paints that are highly suitable for healthcare premises and education premises, including antibacterial scrubbable paint and mould inhibiting scrubbable paint.

Antibacterial Paint

Bacteria can be found hibernating a wide selection of places on school premises, such as kitchens, cookery classrooms, washrooms, shower blocks, changing rooms etc.

Anti-Bacterial paints are specifically formulated to prevent the growth of bacteria. They also typically offer ongoing protection against black mould and algae.

For example, our supplier on the framework, Crown Trade, sources Anti bacterial scrubbable paint which has been specifically formulated to withstand rigorous cleaning and scrubbing whilst also inhibiting bacterial growth.

Not only can these be useful in an education environment, but these paints are essential in hospitals and healthcare facilities, nursing homes and veterinary surgeries.

Mould Inhibiting Paint

We are all familiar with the damage and stains that can occur when mould is present in damp, wet or void spaces, such as cleaning cupboards and supply rooms as well as science labs and toilets.

Mould is often caused by a build of condensation, which is a big problem where properties are uninhabited for any length of time, particularly properties where the temperature differentiates between rooms, if there is poor ventilation or in a close proximity to damp outdoor conditions.

Schools often are subject to areas of mould especially after they have been closed during the holidays where the weather has been particularly wet.

Crown Trade also supply a formula that offers long-lasting protection from mould. Mould inhibiting scrubbable paint has a formulation that stops mould growth on the paint film and is highly resistant to stains but can still be cleaned regularly.

Stain Resistant Paint

In an education environment, it is necessary to clean thoroughly and regularly, especially during the current pandemic. As a consequence, it is common to experience paints crumbling and peeling when in regular contact with cleaning chemicals and being scrubbed thoroughly. However, it is unlikely that students and pupils will avoid marking, scuffing or staining walls and floors in their everyday school lives.

Stain-resistant scrubbable paint has a different formulation to normal everyday emulsion paint, this means the finish or appearance of the paint film is 100% more stain resistant. New and old stains can be easily cleaned away and it has extreme durability in high traffic areas, making cleaning much easier.

Fire Retardant Paint

As well as ensuring your premises are health and safety compliant in terms of hygiene, you can also ensure this through fire safety by procuring fire retardant paints.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (England & Wales) & the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 underline the potential hazard painted surfaces can be for flame spread.

This is now a factor to be considered in a fire risk assessment as the solvents and pigments used in typical emulsion paints often drive flames due to their oil base.

Adding fire retardant paint to your essentials in school decorating supplies provides a first line defence against the spread of a fire. Schools (and any facility managers or premise owners) have a ‘Duty of Care’ to protect their staff and students and any other occupants of their premises and decorating where possible with these formulas reinforces the safety of your school - whilst also providing them with a fresh lick of paint!

You can view more details regarding all of the above specialist paints by viewing Crown Trade's 'Extreme Clean' selection here.


For more information, you can view the full lot breakdown and services of the framework.

Or get in touch with Jo King in our Facilities Management team to discuss your personal procurement needs.

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