Meet the Category Manager - Adam Throup
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Meet the Category Manager - Adam Throup

13 July 2018 By Adam Throup - Category Manager

Adam Throup

Adam joined YPO nine years ago and is a category manager for Energy in the Procurement Services team.

Name: Adam Throup

Position: Category Manager - Energy

How long have you been working at YPO? Nine years

What do you like most about working at YPO?

In the energy market there are many companies launched to simply exploit customers. YPO’s ethos is to achieve best value for the public sector. I am proud that I work for an organisation that is customer focussed, with over 100 frameworks available. YPO offers much needed assistance in cash strapped times and builds strong supplier relationships that are collaborative rather than exploitive.

What are your main responsibilities?

In the energy team we have 10 core frameworks, these cover electricity, gas, liquid fuels, solar and LED Lighting. My role is a mix of communicating energy policy and technological developments with customers, managing key suppliers to ensure a smooth service offering, market development, devising trading strategies and trading energy.

Currently we are focussed with our energy for schools initiative, we have seen a real need in the market for an independent advisory service that takes all the myths out of energy procurement. It is an ongoing project; and this initial phase has seen the launch of a landing area on the YPO website ( the next stages are expanding this into a resource hub of information with user guides, case studies, blogs and videos to help our customers as much as we can.

I have a great team around me too which makes evolving the area great fun, in energy you never stop learning, there’s always a new product or solution to learn about or policy change to debate!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Challenging or frustrating, a key frustration is meeting schools and academies that have received an unfair deal with their electricity or gas pricing. They’ve signed up to a contract believing that it is one price, a price that will yield thousands in savings when in fact details have been omitted or hidden and in the long term they will actually pay a lot more. It’s frustrating as this money should be spent on school resources or teachers, as a father of two myself, it’s sad to see public money exploited for a quick win.

Describe your role in three words:

Non-stop learning

How did you get involved in procurement?

I fell into a procurement role straight from University and have never looked back!

Tell us about your procurement experience?

Previous to YPO I worked at Anixter Industrial, a vendor management company in the private sector.  In this role I learnt about procurement, negotiation and supplier management.

I joined YPO 9 years ago as Energy Buyer, our main focus was supplying customers with their gas and electricity requirements so personally I’ve really enjoyed our expansion into new areas, especially the shift globally on energy reduction, management and renewables. Globally we’ll still be using electricity and gas for the foreseeable future but the shift in self generation and energy reduction has been fascinating to witness.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When not working, my time is spent taking my children to various activities, parties, clubs, etc.  On the very few occasions that the children don’t have activities I enjoy getting the BBQ out and relaxing in the garden sampling different gins.

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