Meet the Buyer - Claire Deacey
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Meet the Buyer - Claire Deacey

07 June 2019 By Claire Deacey, Category Buyer - Social Care

Portrait image of Claire Deacey, social care buyer from YPO

Claire started working for YPO in January this year as a Category Buyer for the Social Care team.

Name:  Claire Deacey

Position:  Category Buyer (Social Care)

How long have you been working for YPO? 

I started working for YPO in January this year. 

What do you like the most about YPO?
Having worked in the private sector for many years and the last eight years at Wakefield Council I feel that YPO is the best of both worlds. I like the flexible approach to work and the autonomy to get on with the job. I’ve realised quickly that YPO is an environment where they like to grow their own and if you demonstrate that you are hard working and willing then there are opportunities for development. My experience so far of YPO is that it is a supportive and caring place to work and I’m looking forward to growing my career here.

What are your main responsibilities? 
I work within the Social Care category within procurement services. There are currently five frameworks within social care and most of my time at present is spent on the Care Technology DPS which was launched in October last year. I’m working hard on engagement with suppliers / providers in getting them to join the DPS. I’m also working with local authorities, councils, housing Associations and the NHS to encourage them to join as customers which will give them a compliant route to market but will also ensure that they receive best value for money without quality being compromised.

Another responsibility is being a ‘trusted advisor’ to potential clients and suppliers and making sure that relationships are managed well, and new business opportunities are identified early and acted upon.

And lastly all the other responsibilities that go with being a buyer include; analysing needs, market research and development, supplier and stakeholder engagement., writing specifications, going out to market, tender evaluations, tender clarifications, contract award through to implementation and supplier relationship management.

What is the most challenging part of your job? 
Initially learning how all the different frameworks work… they’re all unique and have been tailored to individual client requirements. Having worked as a commissioning lead previously I understand how lengthy the commissioning and procurement processes are within local authorities and the decision-making processes involved.

Describe your role in three words

Exciting, challenging and rewarding

How did you get involved in procurement? And tell us a bit about your procurement experience.

I naturally fell into procurement. From first leaving school I worked for a mail order craft catalogue where I bought a variety of products - porcelain dolls from Taiwan to Craft Tapestry’s from America. I also had responsibility for the stock management and control of these products, analysing usage and demand and ensuring that products did not go onto back order. 

A few years later I entered the world of print. I worked for a couple of print manufacturers, where products were printed in-house and outsourced by myself and my team.  I then moved to Xerox within the print management side of the business.  I managed a team of print buyers for the Department of Works and Pensions Contract.  My team and I were responsible for sourcing a range of products for use in departments from Job Centre Plus’s to Parliament.  Lead times were challenging, and it was a very fast paced environment. 

After 13 years in print and having done many roles in the manufacturing and procurement side of the business, I fancied a career change. I moved into the public sector and joined Wakefield Council.  I had a few different roles whilst working at the council but spent the last three years in the children’s commissioning team as a Commissioning Lead where I was responsible for commissioning statutory children’s services for Wakefield.  These services were procured by following the full commissioning cycle. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my partner and daughter and going on family adventures.  I also like socialising and enjoy spending time with my friends.  I am an active member on my daughter’s school PTA and really enjoy raising funds which go back into my daughter’s education.  This summer we are busy planning our first ‘Alverfest’ – just need to order the sunshine!!!!  Everyone welcome 😊

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