Meet Gill, our new Head of Procurement

Meet Gill, our new Head of Procurement

29 June 2016 By Gillian Askew, Head of Procurement

Gillian Askew

“I believe YPO because it’s a customer driven organisation with a long standing heritage in putting the customer first, YPO truly adds value and I’m really excited to be here.”

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself; I am Gillian Askew the new Head of Procurement Services at YPO. Whilst I’m new to YPO I’m not new to Procurement, having spent the last 21 years in the profession.

I graduated through CIPS in 2001 after studying for five years at night school whilst working hard forging my early career in Procurement. I’ve been privileged to work in some interesting sectors including petrochemical manufacturing, engineering support services, telecoms, electronics and education.

Obviously as a professional procurer I make no apology for working hard to make the money stretch further and in times of economic depression and austerity I have been very proud to watch Procurement step up to the plate and make a real difference financially and commercially.

I have loved being a part of the Procurement movement to value delivery that sees the social value agenda, sustainability, employment, research and community development as important to organisational delivery as the financial performance of Procurement ever was.

I need no convincing that good Procurement can be a competitive weapon to an organisation, supporting and enabling business growth. Good Procurement can also support the shaping of societies, has the ability to save lives, help secure the ongoing provision of front line services and create income and employment opportunities. I am honoured to have been able to deliver such benefits during my career.

"Joining YPO was the natural next step"

YPO gives me the opportunity on a broader basis to help Procurement teams and organisations really achieve their goals, whether those goals are value led financial, community or service based.

“…and when I'm not working I swap my suit and heels for jeans and wellies.”

My husband and I own and run and small urban care farm and dog kennels. I love to help get stuck in looking after all the animals, including the newest addition to the clan; a baby Alpaca born just this month!

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Matthew Climpson ( on 15 October 2019

Hi Gillian, My name is Matthew Climpson and we hare at GluesDirect are UK manufacturers of glues and adhesives for the education and crafts industry. Can you please give me a call on 01428 751358. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Matthew Climpson

Tasha Singh (University of Salford) on 17 December 2018

Hi Gillian, I hope you are well. My name is Tasha and I am a Conference Producer at the University of Salford. I am writing to you as I am running a conference regarding ‘Higher Education Procurement’ scheduled for the 8th May 2019. I would really like you speaking at the event regarding the landscape of higher education procurement post-Brexit. I am happy for points of discussion to be changed but from my research, the market wish to know more regarding: • Different suppliers – different models and brands being used. • What will happen when the pound depreciates in value? • Will procurement teams continually have to adapt and transform to remain a credible partner to organisational achievement? • How will Brexit affect procurement planning strategies and resources required? • A change in staff grading boundaries and the importance of employing individuals with the right skills. I would be happy to discuss this prospect in further detail with you. In terms of delegates – the following will be attending this event and the learning outcomes I hope to achieve from this conference can be seen listed below: Who will attend: Acquisition Managers Assistant Director of Finance (Corporate Procurement) Assistant Director – Infrastructure and Procurement Business Development Manager Category Lead – e-Procurement Technology Products Chief Procurement Officer Commercial Director Commercial Manager Facilities Directorate Finance Managers Head of Commercial Head of Operations Heads of Procurement HR Operations Management Consultant Procurement Managers Learning outcomes: • Revising the progress, the UK government and non-executive bodies are currently making with educational investments and discussions surrounding whether a government led strategy will come to light. • Exploring how the latest e-Procurement technology can be used to improve department infrastructures and save money in the long-run. • Making the most of being compliant with ethical sustainability and data analysis. • Understanding to what extent Brexit will impact higher education and procurement departments’ day-to-day business. • Enhance your workplace environment through enhancing your leadership by teaching your employees the importance of adopting soft skills. • Planning and utilising best practice example frameworks for procurement specifications. • Incorporating collaboration across national and regional university procurement infrastructures into all plans and projects in order to enhance student experience. • Offering lively discussions on topics such as the supply chain process of supplier and buyer management, how to strive having low departmental funding and obtaining adequate resources due to staff grading, e-Procurement technologies and the desire for a government led higher education procurement policy. • Looking at the best way to plan, manage and deliver procurement projects as well as monitor emergency orders. • Learning from sector-leading, real-life, best practice case studies. • Network with delegates and leading professionals from across both the public and private sector and discuss action-orientated solutions which you can implement for your institution. Please do let me know your thoughts regarding this all. I look forward to hearing from you soon - thank you for your time and help. Kind regards, Tasha

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