Making Sports Day fun
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Making Sports Day fun

25 June 2018 By Gemma Maw, Category Buyer for Sports and SEN

sports day

Its National Sports Week this week and many schools will be incorporating their annual sports day as part of their fun, engaging and lively activities.

Whether your school chooses to partake in the traditional sports day races of egg and spoon, sack race, jump through a hoop or if you choose more team participation activities, sports day should always be about having fun, cheering on your friends and team mates, and is a time that the whole school and community can get together to show support to one another.

There are many articles, blogs and websites to give schools ideas as to what types of games and activities they can add to sports day for both primary and secondary ages but we should all remember that no matter how athletic a child is or is not, having a fun and memorable sports day at an early age can aid their experience to further enjoy sports and have a healthy and active lifestyle later on in life.

Here are three ways that we can all show our support and make sure all children enjoy sports day:

1. Encouragement – To all cheer on our team mates! It doesn’t matter if one child is slower than the other, this is natural that some will be stronger at sports than others so by us all encouraging each other will ensure each child has a positive experience and hopefully want to partake in sports and activities more often both inside and outside of school.

2. Participation – As the saying goes ‘it’s not the winning that counts it’s the taking part’. Although it is a natural instinct that we all want to win, taking part and giving new sports and activities a go enables children to learn what types of sports they enjoy.

3. Fun  – This is truly what sports day is all about. By having fun with friends and family will make the day memorable in a positive way.

Let’s all show our support and cheer on all the children taking part in sports and activities on sports day to help make sure the future generations have a positive and inclusive experience to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

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