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Innovative Cleaning

24 June 2019 By Jonathan Carr, Assistant Category Buyer - Cleaning and Hygiene


Before we can evaluate effectiveness of disinfectant, we must first acknowledge what a disinfectant is. Well, a disinfectant is defined as an agent that eliminates any disease causing micro-organisms and their spores. Or, more simply, a liquid chemical that destroys bacteria.

Effective hygiene and disinfection have long since been a key ingredient in the mix of any establishment's cleaning administration, simply for the protection of staff and pupils alike. This deeply embedded ideal comes as we are all well aware of the historic links between hand hygiene, surface disinfection and how many different infections can be spread simply through touching a surface. (In fact, reports show that an estimated 80% of all infectious diseases are simply spread by touch). This staggering figure really does show the importance of employing an effective cleaner and disinfectant in your daily fight against infection.


In the past, customer choice has been somewhat limited in terms of range of disinfection options. However, recent times has seen more innovation and product development through from manufacturers’ research and development as they try to offer the most effective cleaning solutions, whilst reducing their harmfulness against both people and the environment. This drive in innovation has also resulted in an increased offering of not only safer products for daily use but has also increased customer choice in their infection control routines.


Such innovative products now incorporate new and different types of ‘active’ ingredient that can offer higher levels of infection prevention and protection against a wider range of pathogens, sometimes called ‘broad spectrum’ performance. For more information about active ingredients, click here.


The drive in innovation has led to Diversey's patented Oxivir disinfectant range. Diversey have developed this product range to kill bacteria through the use of their patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP for short). AHP employs low levels of Hydrogen Peroxide and a range of safe, commonly used ingredients giving this disinfectant, and Diversey's Oxivir range as a whole, its high potency levels. Diversey's simple to use product provides a customer with a highly effective, multi-surface disinfectant that is able to eliminate a whole host of potentially infectious pathogens.


The innovation around these products means that they are far safer for people and the environment than the more traditional chlorine based products that we may be familiar with. These products are known for their potential to cause inflammation of any respiratory issues that a person may have. However, the AHP in Diversey's Oxivir Sporicide product simply degrades into Oxygen and Water soon after its use - making it a far safer product!


So, what are the real term benefits to this innovation and how will they affect how we operate?

  •  Safe - the product has no hazard classification. So, as well as being effective, the product is also safe for use around children
  • Broad Spectrum - tested against European standards with a high effectivity against multiple pathogens (including viruses and yeasts) - dramatically reducing chances of outbreaks helping maintain clean and safe environments.
  • Fast acting - the product is fully viricidal within 30 seconds, fully disinfecting the surface before the product dries. Giving cleaners more time to complete other tasks.


Diversey's Oxivir range - more specifically Oxivir Sporicide provides a ready to use, one step hospital grade cleaner with high kill rates against a large range of pathogens. Not only does this range from Diversey provide absolute peace of mind knowing one application results in an absolute clean & disinfected surface. But it also provides results that have little effect on human and environmental compounds.



At YPO we have many products in our infection control range and are constantly welcoming innovation to keep our product offering current to our customer's needs. Click here for some cleaning inspiration.

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