Implementation guide - what's expected of you
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Implementation Guide - What's expected of you

16 January 2019 By Alex Detheridge - Click Travel


The last blog in this series equipped you with some top tips to get the most out of your travel management company during implementation. But what’s expected of your organisation during implementation?

Although your TMC will be working to make things as simple as possible, there is still some work required at your end too. By far, the most successful implementations are the ones where clients have been engaged throughout. Here’s some best practice advice to follow if you’re an organisation implementing a new TMC:


Be prepared. Have resource set aside each week for the project and make sure you stick to your plan. Delegate the task to somebody who has the time and know-how to be able to deal with the finer details of the implementation and really be focused on nailing your new travel programme. Make sure you delegate efficiently, consider any upcoming periods of lengthy annual leave that might affect your implementation. It’s not advisable to leave the project in the hands of someone you know won’t be around for a significant period of time during the launch.


Be proactive. Your TMC should keep you updated as much as possible, but there’s no harm in taking the bull by the horns and asking for more information and updates yourself. Ask your TMC to share their implementation plan with you as early as possible, that way you can be best prepared and avoid any unwanted surprises. An example of your TMCs recommended resource plan could also be beneficial, this should give you a better idea of what exactly it is you’re committing to and help you pull together your own resource plan. And remember, communication is key to keeping up to date with the project status; organising weekly conference calls, obtaining project plans and maintaining action logs can all help with this.

Be committed. Probably most importantly, you need to be committed to delivering what you said you will and within the time frame that you set from the outset! If you don’t think it’s going to be possible, let your TMC know early in the process that there are going to be delays so that the impact can be assessed. In this case, working with your TMC could help you identify the most critical items required for your organisation and focus on these first. There may be time to pick up less critical items later down the line after the launch. By following this procedure you’ll see some early benefits without losing momentum!


For more information contact [email protected] or view the Travel Management Services framework.

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