How will the 'new normal' look in our workplaces?
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How will the 'new normal' look in our workplaces?

19 May 2020 By Vicky Horsfield - Category Manager of Facilities Management at YPO

office workers in PPE

As we start to tentatively leave lock down into a different way of working, another sound bite seems to be emerging called the ‘new norm’. But what is it and how can our facilities management team help your organisation prepare for it?

What is the new norm?

The Government has produced clear recommendations around how workplaces should protect staff and visitors during COVID-19, but what are the challenges for those tasked with making this happen?

Organisations have already started to operate differently and we've already seen this, especially in shops, where social distancing measures have been implemented in new and innovative ways. 

For wider public sector organisations, we cannot guarantee exactly what the ‘new normal’ will look like for our workplaces. But we can be certain that it will centralise around the current and future health and safety of employee’s, ensuring social distancing for as long as is necessary and creating a working environment that abides by the government guidelines but is still fully functional.

Making use of facilities management

We have highlighted some key parts of the guidance provided by the Government that focuses on improvements you can make via facilities management; 

  1. Communicate with your staff
  2. Refresh existing risk assessments and involve staff and unions (where appropriate)
  3. Consider cleaning and hygiene arrangements - do you need to install additional sanitiser stations or adjust the cleaning regime?
  4. Think about new signage throughout buildings to reinforce social distancing and hygiene 
  5. Reduce risk in shared areas, make appropriate adjustments to offices, meeting spaces, canteens – for example, you may need to think about floor markings, protective screens 

How YPO can help

Making sure your organisation is COVID-19 secure can be supported by facilities management suppliers who provide products and services. For example, you may consider using deep cleaning more frequently, investing in body temperature checks or hygiene shields for desks.

For these types of specialist services you need experienced suppliers who can understand what you're trying to achieve and work with you to implement this. A supplier’s priority should be to meet your wide range of requirements and challenges, even new ones that have arisen due to COVID-19.

The news has recently highlighted the risks of working with unknown suppliers who have emerged through this crisis. 

At YPO we already work with several suppliers and are continuing to identify new ones who can support you with products and services to ensure your organisation is COVID-19 secure. We have also undertaken the right level of due diligence for each of our suppliers.


For more information on how we can help you become Covid-19 secure in your workplace, get in touch with the team!

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